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Get Paid $10,000 a Month to Live and Work
in Cancun, Mexico

get paid to live and work in cancun mexico

That picture that you see above?

That is the actual color of the water in Cancun, Mexico, according to my camera phone.

My family and I went there over the summer and it was absolutely breathtaking.

The truth is that that picture  does not do it justice.  At all.

When I came across this job lead over the weekend, I about died.

Apparently, there is a website that deals in all things Cancun and they are looking for someone who would be willing to go and live in Cancun, Mexico for the next 6 months and document everything that they come across there.

I know, I know, you would actually have to work.

But I think you can manage to sneak in a few hours at the beach every day, don't you?

Here are the details:

So the company that is putting on this search for one lucky person to live and work in Cancun, Mexico is none other than

Their job posting states that the job would last for 6 months total (March through August of 2018).

You'll need to be pretty savvy when it comes to making videos, as that is a big part of this job.

You'll be documenting what it's like to live in Cancun and you'll need to be pretty active and skilled when it comes to communicating on Social Media.

Apparently you have until December 17th of this year to apply, but if you're interested, you may want to apply right away, as voting has already started on top candidates.

Don't let that deter you though, as this is an opportunity of a lifetime and is worth your best shot!

Let's Talk about Pay for a Minute

Ok seriously?

They are paying $10,000 a month for this gig.

Can you imagine?

Now, obviously, you will be working, and working hard.

But $10,000 a month to live and work in Cancun, Mexico is a little different than making $10,000 a month anywhere else, I think.

Plus, you don't have to pay for any hotel expenses or excursions.


Interested in applying?

Here's a heads up:

They require you to film a one- minute video ( make it fun!) explaining why YOU are the perfect guy or gal for the job.

You'll also need to submit a profile picture, links to all of your social media accounts and a perfect 140 word pitch on what you have to offer.

You can do this!

Check out the link below to apply and do me a favor.  If you get the job, send me a postcard, will ya?

To apply go to:

Best of luck! xoxo.

< Live and Work in Cancun, Mexico

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