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Looking for a good deal on Kindle ebooks?

kindle ebooks deals and steals

Looking for some good Kindle ebooks at a discount or maybe even for Free?

I can help you with that... simply scroll to the bottom of this page for today's Kindle ebooks deals and steals.

This is a list of Kindle ebooks that are highly discounted for today only and some of them may even be FREE.

If you've been a follower of this website for a while, you may already know how much I love books.

I'm pretty obsessed with reading.  

In my current Kindle library, I've got over 1,200 books.

Not to mention about 5 full on courses on Blogging, Proofreading, Social Media and Online Business Building Skills.

Oh yeah, then I have some Udemy courses that are waiting on my attention as well.

It's not all business stuff though.  I've got a lot of the fun stuff too. 

My favorite genre is the Mystery/Thriller niche. 

I love me some good old fashioned Mary Higgins Clark.

My point is, I LOVE to read.  Always have.

I'll never forget being a little girl and having a mobile library show up in my neighborhood.

It was a library in this HUGE bus filled to the brim with books.

And the librarian was so nice, explaining to me how I could come back every two weeks, drop off the books I read and get new ones.

Coming from a home life that was less than ideal, books were my escape, an indulging of my fantasies to go to distant lands, meet new people, go on exotic adventures.  It was life-saving, at the time for me.  I guess I never really knew that until I typed it just now.  You learn something new every day.


If you love books as much as I do, then you'll love this list of discounted and possibly FREE Kindle ebooks.

Kindle ebooks Deals and Steals

I'm sure most of you know that Amazon has a great selection of ebooks, in fact, Amazon started out as an online seller of books and now is the #1 seller of books, both hard copy and electronic.

No surprise that they try to make the book buying process as simple as possible for their customers, so they created a Free Amazon Kindle app that can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone, no Kindle reader needed.

You can grab the free Amazon Kindle app for iTunes or Google Play here or for iTunes only, click on the picture below:

I like that Amazon offers this free feature because many of us have access to either a computer or a smartphone but not all of us have a Kindle .

Speaking of Kindles, I finally got one for my birthday and it was a good investment.  I just asked for the cheapest Kindle Paperwhite, as I didn't really need one with all the bells and whistles.  

I really just wanted one so that I could read on airplanes and while travelling without having to worry too much about the battery dying on me.  (One battery charge usually lasts me a couple of weeks).

And I was tired of reading on my smartphone because it wasn't as comfortable on my eyes.

My Paperwhite is very gentle on the eyes, to me it's remarkable how similar it looks to an actual book page.

And of course, the fact that I can store literally thousands of books on one device is pretty satisfying.

Kindle Ebooks
Deals and Steals for
December 12th, 2017

Nothing better than Kindle ebooks at a discount or, even free.

Here's today's list of Deals and Steals.  


City of Skies 
By Farah Cook


If you loved The Mortal Instruments series, you will love this book!

Nora Hunt is on an adventure to find the ancient legend of the Nine Worlds of the Vikings.  Fantasy. 

Free! $3.99 

By Meili Cady


If you liked  of Catch Me If You Can: All Meili Cady wants is to be an actress but soon she finds herself in the middle of a self-proclaimed heiress’s smuggling operation — and knee-deep in the dangerous criminal underworld. This “tale of love and loyalty gone wrong… will keep fans of true crime reading” 

$1.99  (previously $7.99)

Chasing Ivan 
By Tim Tigner


For years, a dangerous Russian operative known only as Ivan the Ghost has dodged the CIA. But after an uncharacteristic misstep, can agent Kyle Achilles bring the elusive crook to justice? A fast-paced, addictive read!
Free! (previously 2.99)

The Watcher 
By Jo Robertson


Free!  (previously $3.59) 

Tales Behind the Tombstones 
By Chris Enss    

$0.99 $7.99 (previously)

The Master of Verona 
By David Blixt

                           $1.99  (previously $5.99)

Go from Stressed to Strong 
By Laurie A. Watkins


$1.99  (Previously $24.99)

The Devil’s Playground 
By James Traub


$1.99  (previously $13.99)

Ingrid Bergman 
By Grace May Carter


$1.99  (previously $9.99)

50 Plus! 
By Robert L. Dilenschneider 

Find out how to be ahead of the pack in today's competitive biz world.  Refresh your job skills, at any age.
$2.99  (previously $6.99)

By Marcus Aurelius  

 Marcus Aurelius was a  Roman emperor and philosopher.  Read about his spiritual musings in this brilliant translation of an ageless work of reflection. 

$1.99 (previously $10.99) 

Hiring Smart! 
By Dr. Pierre Mornell 

Over 500 five-star ratings on Goodreads: Find out how to interpret and predict behavior with this guide to hiring the best candidate. A valuable and practical resource with 45 people-reading strategies!
$1.99 (previously $6.99) 

Prince of Fire 
By Daniel Silva 

Written by a #1 New York Times bestselling author: After a terrorist attack destroys the Israeli embassy in Rome, Gabriel Allon learns that a dossier revealing his secrets has fallen into the attackers’ hands… 

$1.99 (previously $9.99)

Defend and Betray 
By Anne Perry 

Written by a New York Times bestselling author: After Alexandra Carlyon admits to her husband’s murder, investigator William, nurse Hester, and lawyer Oliver team up to uncover the truth and clear her name before time runs out. 

$1.99 (previously $11.99)

The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness 
By Greg Anderson  

This practical handbook details 22 simple ways to improve overall health for a synchronized mind, body, and spirit. “An excellent guidebook towards achieving true wellness” (New York Times bestselling author Bernie Siegel).
$1.99  (previously $4.99) 

By Shayne Parkinson


In the 1880s, Amy’s world is upended when she meets two strangers. Now faced with a terrible choice, she must make a decision that could tear her family apart in this stirring work with over 1,000 five-star  reviews on Amazon.

Free! ($14.99 paperback) 

Catch Me 
By Lisa Gardner  

New York Times bestseller from “one of the best in the thriller business” (according to Harlan Coben). After two of her childhood friends are killed in consecutive years, Charlene Grant knows it may be her turn next. Can detective D. D. Warren unravel a secret in Charlene’s past in time to prevent more tragedy?

$1.99  (print price $9.99)

The Good Goodbye 
By Carla Buckley  

For fans of Jodi Picoult: When a suspicious dorm fire critically injures her daughter and niece, Natalie must unravel the mystery behind the blaze — and face the fraught secrets in her family’s past. “Keeps you turning the pages to find out what happened” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Christina Baker Kline).

$1.99 ( print price $9.99) 

A War Like No Other 
By Victor Davis Hanson  

Study every facet of the Peloponnesian War in this “elegant, lucidly written” account (Publishers Weekly) of the clash between Athens and Sparta. “A first-rate chronicle, capturing the intensity and savagery of ancient warfare” (Booklist).
$1.99 (previously $8.99)

End of Days: The Complete Trilogy 
By Meg Collett

Archangel Michaela  was framed for crimes against Heaven leading to losing her wings and her position as a general.

. Now she must prove her innocence — but   as rogue angels gain control, could the End of Days be at hand?

$2.99  (previously $7.99)

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