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Use Junk Mail To Get Some Extra Cash

Sites that will pay you to review junk mail

Junk mail.


Most of us hate junk mail. But. On the off chance that some of you don't absolutely hate junk mail, and if, in fact, you are willing to get paid for reviewing junk mail, then this newsletter is for you.

Right now, there are two companies (that I know of) that pay you to sort out and test mail for varying companies.

You can sign up to do this for free and you can cancel anytime. There is no fee to sign up, but don't expect to make a ton of money.

I'll explain how you get paid below, but I would say to not expect to make more than $200 or so per month.

Still, $200 a month for easy work might not be a bad deal.

Here's more info on this below:

1. (Small Business Knowledge Center)

SKBC would have you receiving snail mail as well as e-mail. You would be asked to correspond with a variety of industries, usually in the Financial industry (Banking, Insurance, Credit cards). This company compensates you for your time in points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards.

2. U.S. Monitor

You can also sign up with this company to be a "U.S. Monitor". Usually, you would receive mail daily, and then you log into the website to report the mail that you received that day.

Each piece of mail will pay you .25 cents, not much I know, but it all adds up! Plus, they do pay you $10 a month just to work for them.

You would only be hired if they need someone in your zip code; there may be a waiting list.

You can expect to receive anywhere from 10-40 pieces of mail per day.

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