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Jobs for Nurses that can be done from home!

Jobs for nurses can be found in the work at home world!

Many companies are now offering telecommuting positions to registered nurses and other medical professionals.

So whether you happen to be looking for registered nurse jobs or other types of jobs in the medical industry that can be done from home, it doesn't hurt to check out the companies below!

What kinds of jobs for nurses are available?

One of the most common virtual jobs in the nursing industry include performing triage over the phone for patients who are unable to reach their primary physician.

(Most of these calls will come in after hours or on weekends when doctors offices are closed).

You may be answering simple questions about how to treat a child's fever or directing a patient to the Emergency Room if you can determine that the medical diagnosis may be a serious one.

In looking at various chat boards about the work that you would be doing, many of them note that you are kept busy, with an average of at least 4 calls per hour.  They note that the job can be stressful but can also be rewarding.

Many companies may have you doing double duty by having you available to speak to patients as well as insurance providers or other medical companies.  The hours may be long and many companies require that you work some overnight and/or weekend shifts.

However, for many registered nurses, this type of a position is highly sought after because you avoid the long hours on your feet, as well as long hours away from your family.

What are the requirements?

Companies usually require that you are :

  • A registered nurse licensed in your state of residence and
  • Have at least 2-3 years experience in a clinical or hospital setting Pay may differ from company to company but you can expect that you can make approximately anywhere from $20-$50 thousand a year depending on whether you work full time or part time. Many companies also offer their nurses great benefits such as medical, dental and life insurance plans!

  • Here is a list of some of the companies you can check out:

    Telephonic work from jobs for registered nurses. 

    Work at home program available for registered nurses who are interested and meet the eligibility requirements 

    Work as a home health care nurse or in hospice care. 


    Telephonic work from home jobs for registered nurses.

    Telephone triage from home.

    United health group
    To find jobs, make sure to enter the keywords: "work at home".... available jobs may vary; from jobs for registered nurses, physicians, even dieticians!

    Working Solutions (jobs for nurses)

    Working Solutions is currently partnering with McKesson to hire registered nurses to take triage calls. Must be an active Working Solutions agent to be offered this project. Pay is $30-$50 per hour.

    Update : Working Solutions is not currently hiring for this position but I always recommend applying anyway, so that you can be at the top of the waiting list if and when they do hire again.


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