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Some of you may have heard of a work at home opportunity offered by Humanatic, here's a little information on this company and what the job entails:

What this company does is screen recorded business phone calls for possible sales leads . 

These leads are then sent back to the appropriate businesses for follow up.

If you are hired on to perform virtual work for Humanatic as a call reviewer, you will be listening to and screening these phone calls. The purpose of this screening is to see if these calls present any sales opportunities for  those businesses.

Applying to work for the company seems to be a very simple process. 

You must enter your name, location and your Paypal address. 

The company is not always hiring, this will depend on whether there are
people available to screen calls.

After you are accepted by the company, you can expect that they will let you listen to some training calls to set you up for success.

What does the job entail?

The job itself is very simple.  You will simply listen to the recorded calls and then identify whether the call is spam, a typical business call, a sales lead, or whether the purpose of the call is unclear.

The challenge with this job is to perform this analysis as quickly yet accurately as possible.  Sometimes this can be challenging if the person calling in does not reveal the reason behind their call right away. 

If they do, you can earn your payment and move on to the next call but more often than not, the customer is transferred around for a bit before settling in to speak with the department they need. 

So at that point, you are fast forwarding and perhaps rewinding the call, until you can determine how to classify it, all of this takes time.


This leads me to pay.

The pay structure is as follows:  

Business Opportunity calls pay 3.9 cents per call.

Answered outbound calls pay 1.1 cent each.

As you can see, this is very low paying work.  Many struggle to make even $5.00 per hour.

Humanatic pays weekly via Paypal and you have to reach at least $10 to request payout.

My Take?

This job does not pay well, however, this may still be an attractive opportunity for many for several reasons:

It's very easy to get hired.

No special skills are needed.

You are not tied in to a specific schedule, rather you can log in to work whenever you want. 

However, I must note that there will not always be work available for you. 

It appears that you may have better luck finding work during regular business hours (9-5 EST).

Every once in a while you may get a bonus of $1 or more while working.

The work is unstable and not plentiful, however, if you are looking to do this as way to make a little extra pocket cash in a very low key, un-stressful way, then this might be the job for you.

Just be aware that you may never make more than $50-$100 per week.

To apply for work as a call reviewer with this company, please visit their website here.

Good luck!

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