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How to Start a Laundry Business

How to start a laundry business from home- the perfect business for stay at home parents.

How to start a laundry business from home

So, as you can imagine, you can start a laundry business on your own, of course.

  I've looked into that and thought it was an interesting idea. 

But, I'm the kind of person who wants a business in a box so when I came across a company named LaundryCare, I researched it like crazy.

I even applied, got hired and serviced a client just to see what it would be like.  I know, I'm crazy that way.

So, I'll tell you all about my experience with LaundryCare, but first let me mention that you absolutely can start a laundry care business on your own, without having to go through a company like LaundryCare.

So first, here's what I would suggest if you're thinking about starting a laundry business on your own.

How to Start a Laundry Business

 I suggest reading the following article courtesy of if you're thinking of starting a laundry business on your own:

But if you want my two cents, here's what I think you should consider:

1. Think through your schedule to determine whether you have the time to do someone else's laundry pretty much every day, in addition to your own laundry and your other household/work responsibilities.

(The answer for me, was no, I didn't have the time, in fact I probably should outsource my laundry because I've already got a full plate).

If you think you can handle it, good, keep going.

2.Talk to your family to see if this is something the whole family can get behind. 

Because it will affect them too.  Trust me.  Even with this being a fabulous work at home opportunity, it is still work. You'll be driving laundry to and from homes, and you'll have to make sure that everyone is really respectful of your work space, because you will be handling other people's property.

3. Think through whether you can dedicate a portion of your home solely to your business. 

You'll need a good area for folding and hanging items that need to air dry.  You may need to iron clothing items as well. 

4.  Think through whether your washer/dryer can handle the wear and tear of being used every day for 5-10 cycles a day (at  least). 

And whether your wallet can handle the extra cost for water and electricity.

5.  Think through what you are going to charge your clients. 

LaundryCare charges $35 a bag ( which typically works out to about 5 loads.  Can you go lower than that to stay competitive?

6.  Last of all, think through your marketing plan.

You'll need to go all in and spread the word about your business fast and hard.  Suggestions include posters or flyers at your local laundromats, or even dropping them door to door in wealthy neighborhoods around you.  Also- think about joining Facebook groups for Moms in your area and try to find ways to casually bring up that you have a laundry business.  (Casually- because you don't want to get banned from these facebook groups).

How to Start a Laundry Business with

So, now to

I am all about easy ready-made businesses. 

I like the fact that LaundryCare is established, has their own brand, with lots of testimonials to back up their brand. 

They say that they work on the "behind-the scenes" stuff so you don't have to worry about marketing, running a website, payroll, or even ( to a certain extent) finding business.

Laundry Care is a network of laundry specialists with a clever, entrepeneurial spirit. Founded by a mom who wanted to find a way to work from home and yet still have the flexibility to be involved in her children's lives, Laundry Care started out as a work at home business to help her pay the bills, and has now rapidly expanded to 20 different markets throughout the U.S.

It's a partnership network, made up of mostly women (and some men!) who are interested in starting their own home-based business.

Keep in mind that you have to be at least 21 years old, have a clean background, a means of transportation , a smartphone, a washer and dryer, and the most important part... you should enjoy doing laundry (otherwise it'll be a huge drag, right?)

Laundry Care takes care of providing you a website, finding clients for you, invoice and payment processing and providing you ongoing support through their back office and forum.

I was pretty intrigued so I went all in and researched this company like crazy. 

I applied, went through a written interview, a telephone interview and eventually got accepted to be one of their Professional providers.

I have nothing but good things to say about this company.  They have good people running it and are very responsive to any kind of help that you might need to get started.

How to Start a Laundry Business:
Start- Up Costs and other information

The start up costs are pretty low.

You pay a $20 fee and that goes towards sending you laundry care supplies to give to your first few clients.  They send you 5 laundry bags and some plastic bags for items that need to be ironed and hung.

You can also opt in to their laundry detergent program where they will reimburse you up to 67% of the cost of the laundry detergent you buy (keep your receipt!), but it has to be the  Persil brand of laundry detergent, which you can purchase at your local Walmart store. also has an extensive library online with everything you need to know to get started including written and video tutorials and even a private Facebook page that allows you to post questions and interact with other Laundry providers in the U.S.

You'll also have access to a marketing expert who can help you come up with marketing ideas to spread the word about your new business.

Oh and I'm sure you're wondering about the pay.

The Pay is $20 per bag. 

One bag is typically the size of one large kitchen trash bag, or 13 gallons.  It usually consists of 3-5 loads.  I found it to be 5 medium sized loads.

Was it a lot of work?  No, it really wasn't.  It would have been nicer if I didn't have to drive so far to pick up my client's laundry, but I do live in the boondocks and it was my choice to accept the assignment so I really can't blame anyone but myself for that!

The other thing of course, is that it took 5 hours to run all the loads and a full 2 days to air dry some of the more delicate items.  So, I can see where it might be a challenge to find a way to keep each set of laundry separate if you have more than one client

But in the end, I think this is a really nice business for a stay at home parent who wants to try to find a way to make money from home. 

Can you make more if you start your own laundry business? 


But it might be harder to find clients on your own.

Regardless, even if you do work for LaundryCare, you're restricted to waiting for them to find clients for you, or you can go out and find clients on your own.  But if I'm going to do that, I would be tempted to just make it my own business so that I keep 100% of the profits,

What do think?  Let me know what you think of this business opportunity in the comments below.

Good luck!

 You can find out more about how to start a laundry business at Laundry Care's website :


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