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How to Make Money
as a Grocery Shopper

make 25 an hour as a grocery shopper

How to Make Money as a Grocery Shopper

So, in my merchandising days, (which was only a few months ago, lol) I got to know a lot of the customers that would come into the store and do their grocery shopping.

There was one lady in particular that I would not only see every single day, I would see her several times a day.

Turns out, she was a grocery shopper for Instacart.

I asked her about a few times and she was glad to answer all my questions about it.

She said she got paid about $20-$25 an hour depending on her speed and tips.

Not bad, right?

She definitely worked hard!

We tried to help her out whenever we could by telling her where she could find obscure items, but she got pretty good at finding things on her own after a few weeks.

She loved that she was her own boss, and that her schedule was so flexible but again, she really hustled, treated it like a full-time job , and easily made $750 a week.

Once summer vacation started for her two school-age girls,  guess what?  

She brought them along and they worked by her side, every day, for 8 hours a day.

Wow!  What a hard-working and committed mom.

Truly admirable.

Let's find out more about this type of job and how you can make money as a grocery shopper:

Make a pay check by buying and delivering groceries to clients

For those of you who are looking for a somewhat easy way to knock down some debt or just have extra money on hand for some of life's extras, here's an idea for you:

Get paid to buy and deliver groceries to customers in your immediate area .

There are 2 companies that I know of that make it pretty easy to make money as a grocery shopper for other people.

The first one we'll look at is Shipt

This company reminds me a little of DoorDash in that you can log in to the app and accept or reject orders whenever you want.

But instead of picking up take-out food and delivering it to customers, you are actually going into a grocery store, list in hand, and picking out the actual items on the list, checking out, etc. and then dropping the purchased items off to your customers.

Shipt will give you a charge card to use at checkout.

The way they did it at DoorDash was that the card would be loaded with an amount of money that they estimated the total for the order would be.

I assume it may be that way for Shipt as well, although I didn't find any information on that.

How to Make Money as a Grocery Shopper

Each order you complete will earn you $5 plus 7.5% of the order total.

Customers also have the option to tip after delivery, so that may bump you up a bit in pay.

Shipt says that on average, their shoppers earn about $20-$25 an hour. Keep in mind that they don't reimburse you for gas or wear and tear on your vehicle, so that is something to consider.

On average then, you can expect to make $200 a week for about 8-10 hours of work, which can be nice if you're trying to pay down credit card debt or saving up for a nice family vacation.

One nice perk about working for Shipt is that you get get a free membership ($99/year or $14/month), which means that if you don't want to do your grocery shopping, you can hand over your grocery list to Shipt and have someone else do that chore for you-free.

Shipt is currently hiring in : Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas but more locations could be coming soon.

For more on how to apply see the following website: 

The next company that will pay you to grocery shop for customers is Instacart.

Instacart makes signing up as a grocery shopper pretty darn easy, just sayin'.

Simply visit the site at:

and you will be taken through a quick process of downloading the app, determining eligibility and uploading the appropriate information such as your Driver's license.

It's all done via your phone so it's as simple as can be.

How much can you make?

The company states you can make up to $25 per hour.

Pretty cool, right?

And yet another company that will allow you to make money as a grocery shopper is Safeway.

This is a job that is available across the U.S. in cities in which Safeway can be found.

No word on pay but you can easily check their website to see if their home delivery jobs are hiring in your area.

Here is their website:

Last but not least, I recommend checking Task Rabbit to see if there are tasks available in your area for grocery shoppers.

One last thing. 

I know that these jobs are not work at home positions but they are flexible enough and pay well enough that they can be a pretty good second income or part-time job that you do on the weekends.

Plus it may be great for moms and dads who want to make a little ( or a lot) of  extra money here and there without being tied down to a set schedule and full time work.

So, what do you think?  

Is this something you would like to do?

Let me know in the comments below, and good luck!


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