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October 21, 2022
So, How Does a Notary Work?

So, how does a Notary work?

Here's a snapshot of my day today!

Today was one of those bright, beautiful Fall days with the vivid orange, red and gold colored leaves glinting off the trees as I commuted to my signing appointments.

I try to always use my time in the car wisely;

Sometimes I listen to the my daily bible reading plan on the Bible app that I love, sometimes I put on a breathing meditation ( don't worry, I am very careful that I only do breathing meditations!), sometimes I stream training audios or youtube training audios and sometimes I just blast some of my favorite music!

Today felt like an easy listening day, so I put on my favorite easy listening playlist on my way to my first appointment.

alamo title

Alas, my signers and their real estate agent were a half hour late but luckily I didn't have my next signing for another 2.5 hours.

I communicated with the signing service that contracted me for this signing appointment so that they were made aware.

Usually my signing appointments only take 45 minutes to an hour because I learned a streamlined way to  conduct these signings through Mark Will's Loan Signing System, but I knew this one wasn't going to be completed within an hour, so by letting the signing service know what was happening, they were kept in the loop in case Title called them and asked for the status.

All's well that ends well however, because my signers and their real estate agent arrived and we were able to conduct the signing with no problems;  the signing was conducted in Spanish and so I was able to dust off my spanish speaking skills, which admittedly have become a little rusty!

Still, it all worked out and my clients were so wonderful and so happy to have everything done... nice and neat.

I scanned the documents over to title straight from the signing table, took pictures of them with their real estate agent and that was that!

I could have gone on to my  next signing appointment location and just waited for an hour and a half or caught coffee or breakfast somewhere but I decided to go home first and check on everyone back at home.

It's so nice to be able to pop my head in and make sure everyone's doing ok at home or just say "hi"... I love the flexibility of this career!

I then headed over to my next appointment and this time, my signers were super early and so they were already there waiting for me!

Signing appt

This was also a spanish speaking apointment and they were also a little cautious and concerned about what they were signing.

They insisted that I explain every document, which as a notary, loan certified or not, we are not allowed to do, as we are not lawyers.

However, again, as taught to me in the Loan Signing System, we certainly can point out the verbiage in the documents that state what the document is saying and read it to them.  And this is exactly what I did, which worked out beautifully.

These signers in particular, kept asking me questions about tax law and county laws and even immigration law, and I felt a little embarrassed for having to remind them that I unfortunately was not able to answer these questions or give them legal advice, as I am not an attorney- but to contact the appropriate professionals who could help them answer these more complicated questions.

So,, how does a notary work?

As a notary, I am only there to witness their signatures and guide them through the paperwork so that they know exactly where to sign, and really not much else!

But I do always offer to call Title or their Lender if there is an urgent question that they need answers to.

Most of the time, though, my signers have questions in regards to their payments, such as amounts, due dates, etc, and these can be answered easily by simply pointing to the appropriate place on the documents that list these answers and showing them for themselves. Easy peasy!

Needless to say, this appointment took a little longer than expected but luckily, we were still able to finish in time for me to head to my third and final signing appointment of the day.

How Does a Notary Work..

As I try to do, I texted my client and let him know I was on my way for our appointment.  

I'm so glad that I did this because as I was on the road,  the client called me back and told me he had totally forgotten about our appointment, and was actually not in town.

This is an unfortunate part of being a business owner, sometimes, these things just happen!

My philosophy is to always stay positive, be as gracious as possible and try to set up a new appointment time for a later date.

My goal is to have repeat business and so I always keep that top of mind even when things don't go exactly the way I want them too.

Instead I'll look ahead and be grateful for the many signings come to me next week and more opportunities to make money in this wonderful business that I love.

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