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Here's a funny story

by Rose
(Burbank, CA)

I had a customer once rent an item and our rentals are on a 24 hour cycle. They originally picked up the item at 12:30 AM and then called in that evening and wanted to keep it a couple of more days but they asked me when they were originally set to drop the rental off.

I told them that they were set to drop it in a couple of hours (technically the next day)at 12:30 am.

Now, it was about 10 pm when they called me and they were incredulous.

They kept asking me , " Do you mean I have to drop it in a couple of hours? That's not right! I just picked it up today! "

I kept trying to explain to them that 12:30 am was technically tomorrow and that they would have had the item for 24 hours by that time but that was not registering with them.

We went around and around like this for a while and then the customer sighed and said: "I need to stop renting this stuff in the middle of the night, I always get confused when this happens."

Which leads me to believe this is a common ocurrence . I didn't even know what to say.

I also had a young girl call in once and wanted to keep the rental item for an additional day but when she found out the rate was going to be $20 for an additional day, broke down in hysterics and begged me to give her the item for free.

She said she didn't have any money and didn't know what to do. When I apologized and suggested returning the item on its due date rather than extending the rental, she started shrieking and crying and told me I was ruining her life.

I have people ask me to cut them a a break all the time and give them stuff for free. Sometimes I can't believe how bold some of these people get and how mean they get too when I don't give them what they want (because I can't). Do they ever consider that if we gave every person free stuff then the company I work for would be out of business? I guess they don't care......

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