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How to Get paid to watch Movies

How to get paid to watch movies

Yes it's true, you can get paid to watch movies, more specifically movie previews (but you get to stay for the movie, oh yeah!)

It's been a while since I've done any Mystery shopping, but one of the more fun assignments that I got to complete many moons ago was an assignment as a Theatre Checker.

The assignment was super easy.

I simply gave the manager an authorization letter from the Mystery Shopping company that I was doing the "shop" for and he let me right in!

The assignment only required that I stay through the movie previews but I was free to stay for the movie if I wished to .

It was a fun gig and I got a cool $20 for my time, ( and I got to watch a movie for free!)

How To Get Paid To Watch Movies:

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Not all assignments pay the same, but you can expect to get paid anywhere from $15-$30.

Some assignments will require you to actually buy the movie ticket using your own money up front, but be sure to keep the receipt because they should always reimburse you.

Read the shop instructions carefully to make sure that is in writing.

If you go through a reputable company such as the one I will link you to below, you should have absolutely no problems with this.

Other assignments will not require you to purchase the movie ticket, and instead they will give you a letter to present to management in lieu of a movie ticket.

Once they have that letter of authorization, they will let you in.

If you're wondering why this is, it's because the Movie theatre has contracted with the mystery shopping company to get feedback from mystery shoppers such as you and me!

While management may be aware that you are a mystery shopper, other theatre employees may not know and that's the idea, so it's best to not let other employees know what you're doing there so that you can give a clear assessment of your movie-going experience.

Sound fun? Sign up to pick up a theatre check gig at the following website, below:

Prefer to listen ?  Check out my Youtube video on how to get paid to watch movies here.



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