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Funny Calls and other Call Center Stories

Funny Calls? Everyone's had one!

If you've ever worked in a call center,  whether it be a virtual call center or a "brick and mortar" call center,  then you know exactly what I'm talking about here! 

It's that one call, the one that makes you shake your head in disbelief, chuckle silently to yourself or flat out try to hold in your belly laugh (because, after all, this call is recorded for "quality assurance" purposes, right..?   Oh please let this call be recorded so that there's a record of this ridiculousness somewhere out there forever and ever...)

I've worked in some sort of customer service, sales or virtual call center capacity off and on for many years and boy, did I experience a lot of funny calls.   It's a shame that I didn't write any of them down because now that I'm a bit older nothing stays in the old memory bank for very long .

There are a few stories that stand out in my mind:

The customer who just had to read me one of the poems he wrote... (why did I let that happen?), 

Another who sang me a song....

The heavy breather who used to call every night at the same time until I laughed at him and told him to go watch some tv or I would find a way to tell his mom what he was doing every night ,  (he didn't give up calling but from that point on, when he heard my phone greeting, he would sigh and hang up).

The woman who told me that the USPS was out to get her and deliberately losing or ruining every one of her packages on purpose... (which wasn't that far fetched actually, until she went on a rampage insisting that they were tapping her phones and videotaping her every move too.... umm... ok?)

Let's see what else, a marriage proposal or two, a death threat, a suicide threat, for which I promptly called the police only to have the customer call back and scream at us for sending the police...hmmm.  (Ok so that's not funny, sorry).

Yep, I've had them all and I bet you have too. 

Funny Call Center Stories

If you've ever worked in a call center you've had that ONE call, (or maybe two or three) that made for a good chuckle. We've all had the irate callers, the impatient callers and the downright crazy callers... but I'm talking about the quirky ones, the silly ones, the spacy ones, the ones that make you want to laugh out loud!

Share your story and give us all a reason to grab a glass of wine and settle in for a good chuckle!

Once we reach 100 stories, we'll have a contest on Facebook and vote for the funniest story of them all....

The grand prize winner will win a $50 Amazon gift card !

Here we go.....!

Enjoy.... =)

Check out our list of hilarious call center anecdotes below and then share your own!:

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I had a customer once rent an item and our rentals are on a 24 hour cycle. They originally picked up the item at 12:30 AM and then called in that evening …

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