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Find the freelance writing jobs you've been looking for

You'd be amazed at how many freelance writing jobs are out there.
If you are a writer, there are many , many jobs out there for you. And if you are not a writer,

I highly recommend that you think about becoming one!

There are so many opportunities out there (and thus many opportunities for a good income) that I would suggest you check out your local community college as they have many classes that can get you

Many of these freelance assignments do not require someone who has a degree although that is always preferred as is experience in the writing field.

However, there are always ways around that.

(One way around this is to offer to write a few articles for an online magazine, publication, blog, etc for free just to be able to put that article in your writer's "portfolio", or to get your foot in the door)

Then you can honestly say that you are experienced as a freelance writer and you can even point potential employers to your published article for reference! Easy as pie.

Many people think that writing as a career will lead you down only 2 avenues:

Writing books


Writing as a journalist (for newspapers or magazines)

The truth is that there are so
many freelance writing jobs out there for the taking.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Writing ads

Writing blogs

(for people who don't have time to write their own blog posts)

Book reviews



E-newsletters for individuals or companies

Greeting cards



Professional speeches

Public relations

Proposal writing


Sports writing

Technical writing

Writing for the government

Telemarketing scripts

I have just scratched the surface. This is just the tip of the iceberg guys. Everything you read (newspapers, magazines, ads, blogs, training manuals, etc) has an author and this field is ripe with possibilities!

A great book that I would recommend if you are just starting out in freelance writing is Bob Bly's:

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

To get your feet wet, here are 5 websites that have job boards listing freelance writing jobs as well as great resources such as discussion boards and tips for freelance writers.

Freelance-Writing Job Boards


If you've been looking for freelance work as a writer , check out

The website gives information on freelance writing jobs available for qualified writers and is updated daily. This website sifts through all the job boards such as:




even craigslist to pull out the best job leads in the writing industry.

The website also provides additional resources for freelance writers, such as the latest news for writers and authors,free ebooks, author interviews, tips from experts, discussion forums and more.

To visit the site, please visit: click here


This website lists available jobs for journalists and other professionals in the media industry.

Make sure to specify "work from home" in the search box to see what jobs are available.

This website also offers online courses for writers in the areas of: speechwriting, writing for children's television, how to use graphic arts programs and more.

To visit the site, please visit:


Provides resources and articles for bloggers. The job board details available jobs in the blogging arena in subjects such as cooking , real estate, fashion, entertainment, health and nutrition, wedding planning and more.

Check out the job board here:

4.  Sunoasis Jobs

Freelance writing jobs are posted daily, also provides resources such as career development for freelance writers.


Ezine providing weekly freelance jobs for writers. Publishes their weekly ezine every Wednesday with new leads in the realm of writing online and for publications. Also provides great resources such as a discussion forum.


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