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How to make $300-$500 a month (or more) via Freebie Trading

How Freebie trading can make you some serious cash

If you've been searching for a legitimate work at home opportunity for a few years or more, you may have run across Freebie Trading Sites.

I know it screams "scam" to you, but it really isn't, if  you go through the site I will recommend below and if you do one thing very carefully on this site ... this one thing may take you a while to do but it is worth it to make sure you make money... that one thing is to: read... a lot.

If you do that, you'll know everything you have to do to make money.

This site will tell you exactly:

What you need to do

How you need to do it


Who to contact to be successful.

If you follow their step-by step instructions, you WILL make money.

The best part of all this, is that all of the info and instructions and help you will receive on the site I will write about below is 100% free.

What is Freebie Trading?

Freebie trading involves using incentivized freebie websites to either earn cash or free stuff.

It requires no skills or knowledge, although you will have to put the time in to read the rules carefully to make sure you get paid, (or get your freebies).

It may require some start-up cash but it is usually no more than $10.

To get started, go to: and register for a free account.

Freebie Trading- Step By Step

On this website, you will find people who will pay you to sign up for free trial offers.

The beauty of this website is that once you register, you will automatically be assigned a mentor who will help guide you and who will set up your first trade with you once you are ready.

You are not allowed to contact anyone else until you have 5 posts under your belt and no one but your mentor is allowed to contact you either.

Breaking this rule (on either side) will get you permanently banned from this site. This is to protect newbies from being taken advantage of.

There are free starter packages for newbies that will explain the process to you step by step depending on whether you just want to earn freebies, or you want to make an income as a Freebie trader.

So in order to complete your first trade, simply message your mentor and they will set one up for you, give you the referral link and they will tell you how much they will pay you.

You will click the referral link that they give you and go to the freebie site as their referral.

You will create an account at that site and complete any of the trial offers that interest you.

The goal is to get one credit and not spend more than you are getting paid.

Once the offer is complete, and has been confirmed, message your mentor and they will pay you via Paypal.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat

When you feel ready, you can move on to do another trade with your mentor and make more cash.

It's best to keep a spreadsheet (try Google Drive for free)  with the following info:

Your referral link,

The date you need to cancel the trial offer that you signed up for on the Freebie site your mentor sent you to,

The website address of the freebie site

How much  ( if anything) you spent,

  HOW to cancel the trial offer (whether by phone or via their site).

(Seriously guys, don't forget to cancel these trial offers, it is the most important part of this whole process. Bottom line, you want to make a profit here.)

How to Scale it Up

On,  you will find that there are many people who will pay you to complete offers for them

As you learn, a good goal to grow towards is to start thinking about how you can get people to sign up on these sites using your referral link.

Your mentor will teach you how to do this.

That way, you can earn the big freebies on the sites like the ipads, the phones, etc.

Once you have some sites under your belt, you can also start trading referral for referral, which means that you will complete offers for someone on their site if they agree to complete offers on your site.

Every referral gets you closer to your freebie.

When you have enough sites, you can have people sign up under your referral link without ever having to complete more offers.

These sites will pay you for every referral you get, so you can just have your referrals complete the offers and then pay them a portion of what you earn via Paypal.

So, how much money can you earn by doing this?

 It all depends on you and how much time you put into it.

Many make $300-$500 a month just by working on it for a few minutes a day;

others are making $25-$30 thousand a year (I'm sure that's rare) by working on it daily.

Just remember my advice:

Don't jump into it right away until you've read up on how the whole system works .

Read the Newbie forums diligently, and then move on to the more advanced forums.

Also- don't give up!

Here's the website :

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