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Work from home for Fonemed

Fonemed is one of the biggest companies that hire registered nurses to work from the comfort of their own home.

If you have ever had to put in a phone call to your doctor's office after hours or on the weekend, then chances are you have spoken to an employee of this company!

In order to work for the company, you must be a registered nurse with licensure in your state. If you are bilingual, then that is a definite plus!

One other company that hires registered nurses: Mckesson. Check them out! Click here for more info!


Recently, I was able to get updated information directly from a representative of this company in regards to requirements and states that they hire in!  Below is the recent information, straight from the company.  Thanks, Brittany! =)


Being a registered nurse licensed in a compact state or have licensure in multiply states.

At least two years' recent experience in a hospital/remote triage setting with triage background and pediatric experience.

An office that is quiet and separated with a door from the rest of the house.

High speed internet and a dedicated landline ONLY used for FONEMED which is reimbursed bi-weekly to the employee.

Bilingual is always a plus!

Pay Benefits: We pay hourly. Our starting rate is $24 - $26 hourly based on experience.

Full time employees will be eligible for benefits (Medical, Vision, Dental, Short term and Long term disability, etc.) after 90 days of their original hire date.

After 6 months of employment employee will be eligible for 401K benefits.

Current compact states hiring in:












New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina

North Dakota

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota






Job Duties

You may have already guessed that job duties will include receiving triage calls from people who are requesting information on a variety of medical situations.

You will need a corded phone and a headset; one suggestion, make sure that the corded phone that you purchase has a headset jack! Click here to view a few examples.

As I noted above, these are the nurses that answer the phone when you call your doctor's office after hours or on the weekend.

Because, of this, many of the calls may be pediatric calls, although there may be other calls coming in about medication doses or medical conditions.

The hours that are available are mostly evening and weekend hours.

To apply to work for Fonemed, please visit their website here.

> Fonemed

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