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Fiverr Review:
21 Gigs to get you started

Fiverr Review: 21 Gigs to get your fiverr business started

 Fiverr is one of those sites that a lot of people ignore, because they think the pay is too low for the work you would provide.

But lately, so many success stories have been coming out of Fiverr that for me, it's been worthy of a second look.

I wouldn't suggest quitting your job or anything like that to jump headlong into Fiverr. But it might be worth researching to see how people have been able to make it a success.

In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, Fiverr is an online marketplace where anyone can post a "Gig" for $5.

After Fiverr takes out their share, you get about $4.

Many have thought it's not worth it but some clever people have a found a way to make good money on Fiverr by either leveraging their expertise to offer "gig extras" for more money or, by finding super easy gigs that are easy to produce and replicate over and over again without it taking them a huge amount of time to complete.

Another thing to consider is the culture over at Fiverr. According to Fiverr Entrepeneur Corey Feriera author of Fiverr Sucess, Fiverr Middleman and Fiverr Money, in his own words:

"Fiverr is what I like to call a “social marketplace”. It’s more personal and community-like than say a site like Kijiji or even Elance. People put their faces on their gigs. Their brand is themselves. Why’s this important or why should you care? If you treat Fiverr like just a marketplace or another freelancing website, you may not fulfill your true earning potential. You can’t be faceless on Fiverr; you need a little bit of personality. This is not going to make or break your success on Fiverr but Fiverr does have its’ own unique style and culture. It is just something important to consider."

That's why the most successful entrepeneurs on Fiverr have videos introducing all their gigs, (which by the way, you can get done for you at Fiverr, lol).

So, enough talk.

If you think you can't post any gigs up for sale on Fiverr, think again!

Take a look at this list of 21 easy gigs that you can put up within the next week. (Fiverr allows newbies to post up to 20 gigs to start, I suggest you max that out if you want to start making money right away).

And get ready to get to work!

Fiverr Review:
21 Easy Gigs to Get you Started

1. Send Postcards
Send Postcards / Create Postcards If you reside outside of the US, this gig actually has a lot of potential. It’s a new trend on Fiverr and it sells well. Offer to send someone a postcard from your location/country and have them pay for shipping when you create the gig. You can also offer to create a postcard and send it to them as well.

2. FB Timeline Cover Photos
This is a surprisingly in-demand gig and it is very easy to do. There are a lot of free tools you can use to generate a great looking timeline photo. Cover Junction, Timeline Cover Banner, Pic Scatter, and FaceitPages will all do the job.

3. Post Ads To Craigslist
Also more in-demand than you might think. A lot of business owners want users to post Craigslist ads across many different locations, you could do this yourself easily for $5.

4. Edit Photos/Graphics
Simple graphic design jobs like saving images in different formats, changing the color of objects, and deleting the background from images are all quick jobs you could charge $5 for on Fiverr.

5. Teach Lessons/Language
If you are bilingual or know other languages besides English, you could offer short lessons on Fiverr for $5 over Skype. This also has the potential to allow for some nice expensive gig extras.

6. Write/Spin Articles
This is very much in-demand. You can choose to either write the articles from scratch (recommend 100 words per $5) or spin them with WordAi (recommend 500 words per $5). Spinning essentially involves finding an articles from a site like related to the niche your buyer wants, then using a spinner or rewriter like WordAi to rewrite the article for you so it passes all plagiarism checkers and duplicate content checkers.

7. Product Testimonials
Ask for your buyer to mail you a physical product, or record yourself using a virtual one, such as an app, website or game. The idea is to record yourself using the product while providing a testimonial.

8. Book Reviews
Kindle book reviews on Fiverr are really big right now. Be sure to offer a verified review (a review where you actually purchase their book and then review it) and in your gig extras, allow buyers to cover the cost of their book if it’s not free.

9. Video Testimonials/Spokesperson/Review
This is very much in-demand and very easy to do. I highly recommend this gig for newbies on Fiverr to start making some money.

10. Listing/Directory Reviews

A lot of businesses have listings on sites like TripAdvisor, Google Places, and FourSquare with no reviews and often times to come to Fiverr looking for someone to leave a review. This is an easy copy and paste gig.

11. Create Facebook Fanpage/Page For Business

You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t know how to even create a Facebook page for their own business. This is a great easy business.

12. Comments On Blogs/Videos/Social Media

Leave comments on people’s blogs, YouTube videos or even Instagram photos. Works better if you use multiple accounts and use proxies. For cheap proxies, I like to use

13. Instagram Likes/Followers

Instagram is very much in-demand, especially Instagram likes. The process is simple. Buy this gig on a site named SEO Clerks for $1. Then search for : Instagram gigs. Resell for $5 on Fiverr, after someone buys them from you

14. Indiegogo Campaign

Contribute $1 to Fiverr user’s Indiegogo campaigns, share campaign on Facebook and leave a comment for $5 on Fiverr.

15. YouTube Views/Likes

Again, when someone purchases this gig from you, go to SEO Clerks and purchase this gig for $1. SEO Clerks is a great place to resell YouTube services from. YouTube views are highly in-demand, especially high retention ones.

16. Transcribe Audio/Video

Transcribe 30 seconds of audio for $5. This is a really great gig that can make you a nice hourly rate, especially if you’re a good typer.

17. Submit Businesses To Listings

A lot of small and local businesses don’t have listings on websites like Yellow Pages and Google Places. Create them for them for $5.

18. Write an “About Us” Page

There are a lot of templates available, simply search on Google for “About us templates” that you can use to write up great About Us pages for company websites that require it.

19. Backlinks

Find backlink packages for $1 on SEO Clerks and resell them on Fiverr for $5.

20. Translation Services

If you are bi-lingual this is a great in-demand gig. You could even use a free translator like Google Translate and correct the translation so that it is correct. I would recommend 50 words for $5.

21. Write “Terms And Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”

Search for Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies “generator” or “template” to quickly whip up these highly sought after pages for companies and web designers.



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