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Earning cash online can be a breeze with Gigwalk!

If you've been looking for some slightly different ways to be earning cash online, you might want to check out Gigwalk!

Granted, you won't get rich off of doing these "gigs" but every little bit helps, right?

Gigwalk was created to connect mobile users to businesses who need jobs done.

My take on Gigwalk? 

I like the idea. 

Now, is it something that I can do to make a full time or even part time income? 

Probably not....

But I think of it this way:

If I am going to be out running errands on my lunch break or just out and about, why not take a look at the Gigwalk app to see if there are any available "Gigs".

If there are any available in my area, then I  try to plan out my errand running route to include completing the job being offered on the app. 

(Gigs usually consist  of taking pictures of a business: interior, exterior or both; verifying street signs, or testing out apps...)

That way, not only can I make a few bucks while I am out running errands; I can also jot down the mileage I traveled for tax purposes and make a few dollars that way too.

So, I give it a thumbs up! (For what it's worth)

One more thing, Gigwalk seems to be growing at a very fast rate, indeed, when I first signed up to be a Gigwalker a couple of years ago, I did not even get ONE Gig notification.  (To be fair, I live in the middle of nowhere.)

But in the last 6 months, things have changed significantly.  In fact, I regularly get e-mails from Gigwalk alerting me to $30 (or more) worth of gigs in my area.  I say that to note that, even if you don't live in one of the major cities in the U.S., you may still be kept busy with lots of gigs in your area!


Previously, the Gigwalk app was only available to iPhone users in selected cities in the U.S. I am happy to report that you can now access the Gigwalk app and work 'Gigs" in any of the 50 states in the Continental U.S. Also, Gigwalk is now open to Android users.

How do you become a "Gigwalker"?

They make the sign-up pretty easy.


Download the Gigwalk app, it's free.


Register with Gigwalk.

After this:

The company requires that you pass a background check before taking on assignments.

Earning Cash online through Gigwalk:
How much can you expect to be paid?

Earning cash online can be a very simple process via this company.

Once you are able to accept jobs from Gigwalk, you simply go online when ready, see which jobs are available and accept the ones you are able to complete.

Pay can range from $3.00 - $50.00 for every job completed.

You can expect to be paid through paypal.


Every job that you successfully complete earns you what the company calls "street cred". This basically means that you are good at what you do. High street cred can lead to higher paying gigs.

What kinds of gigs are available?

There are great variety of gigs available.

Some include:

Downloading or testing out an app

Verifying street signs or street closures

Documenting information such as the hours or a location of a business

Recording audio or video at a specified location

Some tips:

Again, this can be a great way for you to be earning cash online with minimum effort, especially if you carefully plan your gigs to coincide with places you will be passing by anyway.

In this way , you are maximizing your time and earning a little extra money in the meantime.

Have fun!

For more information on how you can be earning cash online with Gigwalk, please click here.


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