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Can you earn cash online as a Search Engine Evaluator?

I am always looking for interesting ways to earn cash online legitimately so when I came across information on how to find work as a search engine evaluator, I was intrigued, to say the least, especially since I seem to spend  wayyy too much time on the computer.. (read internet).... what's better than getting paid for something you already do?

But of course, looking into this type of work a little more deeply, I found that the work is not quite so simple as I hoped it would be; in fact, earning cash online as a search engine evaluator is really a job for a select few who are a little more technically inclined than most  and are willing to put in the time needed to learn all the necessary skills that are needed.


What is a search engine evaluator?

The goal of a search engine evaluator is to improve search engine results for internet surfers.  The work includes evaluating the search terms that are being used by the public and rate them, thus finding ways to bring faster search results to the general population.

This job can have many names:

Search engine evaluator

Web Search evaluator

Page Quality Rater

Internet Assesors


Human Quality Raters

These raters are not to be confused with Ad Quality raters ( although the work is very similar).  Those raters will usually rate the quality of advertisements that you see on sites on the web.

There are several companies that hire search engine evaluators; the training is usually pretty rigorous but the rewards, if hired, can be great.

FYI Google also hires for these positions from time, although for the most part now, they outsource the work to the below companies who provide them with the qualifies raters they need to complete the work. 

These companies will take over training and preparing these individuals to take on the work and they also pay these individuals as independent contractors and not employees.

The pay usually hovers around $13-$17 per hour and the schedule is flexible. 

In fact, some of the companies below will allow you to choose when you work, as long as you are able to get in the amount of hours required within a certain amount of time, making this a great, flexible way to earn cash online.

  (For example, they may require you to work 4 hours a day, they don't care which 4 hours you choose, only that you complete those 4 hours within that 24 hour period.)

If you can get hired by one of these companies, this truly does sound like a great way to earn cash online!

Here are a list of companies that hire people to earn cash online as search engine evaluators:


Lionbridge offers many a chance to earn cash online via their work at home opportunities, which seem to be plentiful right now.

When I clicked on the company's work at home opportunities, I was taken to a global map asking me to click on the region of the world that I was interested in!

That tells me that they have many jobs and obviously, these jobs are located worldwide.

Clicking on jobs in the United States, I was delighted to see the types of work at home jobs that are available.

Most of the jobs are all about how to make search engines more relevant and user friendly for the average person.

If you are new to this type of work, then this is the company to apply to first. 

Lionbridge is made up of many stay at home moms and dads, as well as retired folks who are looking to make an extra part time income.  The training is still pretty rigorous just FYI and the job is essentially the same but they are more open to hiring people just like you and me, who have little to no experience with this kind of work!

You can usually expect to work approximately 20 hours per week but the best part is that you can choose your own schedule.

For more information on the types of jobs available and to apply, please visit:


Luckily, right now there seem to be many work at home jobs available for qualified individuals who wish to work for Leapforce.

Similar to LionBridge, the job ultimately involves improving search engine results for clients who include some of the most successfull search engine companies in the world.

Again similar to LionBridge, there is demand for contractors worldwide who are willing to do this type of work.

But being from the United States, I was curious to see how much work is available.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that this company offers many ways for Americans to earn cash online, especially if you happen to be bilingual (the most needed languages are for Spanish, Chinese and Persian).

Although there are no education requirements, I do have to let you know that it can be quite difficult to pass the assessments to work for this company.  It's best if you have some experience in  search engine evaluation.

For more information or to apply, simply visit:


Working as a search engine evaluator is just one of the many projects that this company has available. 

This company has many avenues available for their independent contractors to earn cash online including translation and transcription.

However, if you choose working as a search engine evaluator, the work that would be performed would be very similar to the work described above for Leapforce and LionBridge.

Being a savvy internet researcher is also a plus!

Be advised that this company does not typically hire those who are new to this type of work.  Rather they hire either those who have years of experience as a web search evaluator, or who are highly trained in IT type work.   If you are new to this type of work and are interested in starting out, a better choice might be Lionbridge or Leapforce (see job links above).

For more information or to apply to earn cash online with this company, please visit:

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