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Drive- Make Cash- Quickly!

I was curious about how someone who needed to make some quick cash could go about doing so in a legitimate matter.  (Hey, I'm all about white hat methods!) 

I felt a little bit of urgency myself, as I had family coming in for the holidays ( this was last Fall) and I was a little short on cash to entertain them. 

So I decided to take a good look into how to go about making money as quickly as possible, while having a job and a family to take care of as well.   Not an easy task, I tell you!


Bottom line, Mystery Shopping wasn't going to work, because you don't get paid for about a month or more.  Merchandising was an option, but I didn't have too much time to research and find the well paying jobs.  I didn't really have a skill to sell on Fiverr.  And getting a second job would probably take 2-3 weeks at least.

So, not long after I started earnestly looking for something that would "fit the bill" , I was talking to a friend of mine at church who works as an Uber driver and I started picking his brain.  He told me that he works when he wants to, evenings , weekends, or sometimes during the day and makes between $700-$800 a week working about 40 hours per week.

He said he signed up on their site, downloaded their app on his smartphone and pretty much started working right away.


I immediately started researching and found that there is a real need for delivery drivers and "people" drivers.   I found that in most cases, you can :

  • Get work right away
  • You can work when you want (around your family's schedule)
  • Get paid pretty well for your time

Not bad, right?

I found that most of them will pay you within the week, some of them will allow you to start working and making cash in one days' time.  Some of them didn't even require an interview and a couple of them didn't even require you have a car. 

Yes, you heard me right, you could use your bike or scooter instead and start making money.

So, this is the result of my experiment:  I got a job within 2 weeks ( I decided to go with Door Dash).  Had a successful couple of shifts, started on a Friday and got paid on a Monday.  It works, so check it out guys:

6 companies that can get you paid in a week's time.

Let's take a look at these companies now:

1. Uber

Uber has been in the news a lot lately.  I decided not to go with Uber because it didn't feel like a good fit for me but it may work very well for you.  You pull up the app whenever you want to work.  Keep in mind that you will be kept most busy on evenings and weekends (which is why it wouldn't work for me).  But if you can spare a few hours during that prime time, you'll make good money.

2. Lyft

Very similar to Uber is a company named Lyft. They have a very easy sign-up process on their site. After applying, simply download the app and you can start working pretty quickly.

If you would rather deliver food than people, then the following 4 companies would fit the bill nicely:

3. DoorDash

As I mentioned above, I worked for DoorDash for 1 or 2 shifts last year to try it out. It was easy to get hired on, and it was a super easy job. I averaged about $15 an hour.  The neat thing about this job is that you could take several months off and the company is fine with that.  They may call or text you to see if you would like to continue on as a driver.

In terms of being laid back, this is the most "chill" company I have ever experienced.  I  give them high praise in terms of that. 

Recently, their payment structure has changed a little, so unless you are working evenings or weekends, don't expect to be making $15-$25 an hour.  They basically pay you $5 per delivery.

4. Roadie

Roadie is yet another company that is hiring delivery drivers now. Just like DoorDash, they require a valid Driver's License, Insurance and a background check from their drivers. They allow you to start driving as quickly as tomorrow.

5. Postmates

Also similar to DoorDash, Postmates allows deliveries to be made via bike or scooter if you don't have access to a car.  Cool, right?

6. Amazon Flex

Last, but not least is Amazon Flex. They state you can make between $18-$25 an hour making deliveries to Amazon customers. Right now, Amazon Flex is in select cities only. If they are not in your city yet, you can still apply and they will contact you when they launch in your area.

Good luck everyone!


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