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Data Entry Jobs


I have a lung problem and cannot do call center jobs. Are there any work from home data entry jobs where I can work online just inputting data. I spent several years doing data entry work before I had to stop working.


Hello! Yes, there are Data Entry jobs available although they are few and far between. I always advise to be very careful to research the company that you are applying to very diligently because there are many data entry work at home scams out there.

I have written a page on the subject (including which home-based data entry companies are indeed legitimate) on the following page:

In addition to the companies that I have listed on that page, I also recommend a few more:

Amazon Mechanical Turk Find my review on this company here.


of course I recommend sites such as oDesk and Elance.

Some things to keep in mind? Data Entry work is very low paying. It can be quite grueling in terms of the hours that you put in for the amount of pay that you get in return.

There can also be a long waiting list to get in with some of these legitimate companies that hire, simply because, with the good data entry jobs that are out there, there is a very low-turnover rate. People hold on to these jobs and do not want to let them go!

A better option but still in the same vein is working in the area of customer service via Chat or E-mail.

You are still simply typing, so you don't have to speak to anyone, but you are getting paid more by the chat, or by the hour, than you would be paid for doing data entry work.

Look at for a good home-based chat opportunity.

Also, take a look at transcription companies. This is very similar to data entry in that you simply type up what you hear via an audio recording. You have to be very fast and accurate but there are some companies, like that hire entry level workers. See my page on transcription companies here for more info.

Good luck!

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