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The Truth about Data Entry From Home

Data entry from home... is it a scam or a legitimate way to make extra money from home?

I have many people contact me to find out information about data entry jobs from home; specifically whether there is truly such a job opportunity available and if so, where they can find these types of work at home jobs.

As you may know, there are literally thousands of advertisements on the internet for data entry work from home.  It's hard to differentiate which job opportunities are legitimate and which ones are scams.

The truth of the matter is, there are legitimate jobs available for data entry from home but I have always been hesitant to post them here for a couple of reasons:

1.   These companies are rarely hiring.


Because there is a low turnover rate.  The people who were lucky enough to get these jobs are holding on and not letting go!

2.  The pay for data entry from home is typically very low.

For most of us, making a couple of dollars an hour is not worth it.  I hate to paint this type of work with a broad brush  (and if I am wrong about this and you are making a good income in data entry from home type work, then please, share your story with us below)  but I have found that the most successful people in this line of work barely make over minimum wage.

However, if this pay scale does not bother you or you a fast typist, etc, then please don't let me deter you from this type of work opportunity!   In fact,  I worked as a general transcriber to make ends meet years ago and I found it to be very pleasant, almost therapeutic work.  You may enjoy it as well...

Here is a list of legitimate data entry from home companies:

DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is one of those companies that are rarely hiring, as I mentioned above.  However, you can still apply to work for the company and they may contact you when they have an opening. 

Working for this company, you will be considered an independent contractor, which means there is no hourly set wage  ( contractors are usually paid by the piece)  as well, you will be responsible for setting aside your own state and/or federal income taxes.

Contractors will usually be transcribing pieces that are handwritten, which means you will have to decipher what was written and accurately transcribe it quickly enough to get a decent return for your work.  Be advised that most contractors do not even make minimum wage at first, but that can change with time and experience.  

Requirements include a typing speed of 60 words per minute.

To apply please visit:

Axion Data

Axion Data is another company that has a very low turnover rate and a small amount of  jobs available in the U.S.  ( about 60-70 total).  As you can imagine, the waiting list to be hired on with this company is quite long, so the company does warn on their website that, while they are not hiring at this time, you can still apply if they happen to need any new contractors in the future.

Similar to DionData, working for Axion Data will mean working as an Independent Contractor  (again that means no hourly set wage and state/federal income taxes are not automatically withdrawn from your check).  

The work varies but usually you will be transcribing written information that you see via scanned images such as contest entries,  questionnaires, program applications, etc.

Again, similar to DionData, Axion does pay by the piece as well.  It's hard to give an average of  what contractors make per hour as it depends on how quickly they work but pay can range anywhere from a few dollars an hour to $19 per hour  ( but $19 per hour appears to be a rare achievement for most contractors).

In addition to a computer and high speed internet, contractors are required to have an answering machine or voice mail on their telephone.

Contractors may also be asked by the company to download some software required for the projects they will be working on.

Virtual Bee/The Smartcrowd- Lionbridge

Virtual Bee  was known as Keys For Cash in another life.

Update:  And now it is know as The Smart Crowd/ Lionbridge.

Keys For Cash was very popular and beloved by those who worked for them.  Lionbridge is legitimate and highly sought after as well. 

Like other data entry from home companies, the pay is very low and you may struggle to even make minimum wage.  However, you can log in any time of the day or night and pick up some work (if it's available).  

Here's more info on Lionbridge such as the pay rate and how to apply:

Please click here to see more.

Here are 5 more data entry from home companies:


Capital Typing

Working Solutions (Data Entry from home)



Good luck!


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