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Correspondence Control Assistance

by Valerie Anne Klaassen
(Alexandria, VA USA)

I would like to work at home part-time without paying any fee at all, and work at a flexible schedule and still get my work done at my own pace. Every time I try to look for a work-at-home part-time work to earn extra income, I keep on running into scams. That is not good. I currently work for the United States Department of the Army in the Federal Government at the Pentagon full-time, and I love it. But on the other hand, I really would like to retire by November 30, 2013, and work at home part-time earning good income to help me with my Driver's Training and to get my Driver's license back and for me to get myself a good used car that is reliable and dependable with affordable car insurance. I do office administration support and general clerical duties where I work at. Those are the work abilities that I am able to do as a work-at-home part-time employee. Thank you very much for your time in letting me share.

Valerie Anne Klaassen

Melina writes:

Hi Valerie,

Sounds like you have some great experience under your belt! With your skills in office administration and clerical work, you might be a shoo in for a position with VIP Desk. They offer work as a personal assistant or virtual concierge.. it may be worth checking them out and for more info on them, check out my review of Vip Desk here.

I wish you the best of luck and keep me posted on your progress!

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