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Legitimate work at home jobs, through a company named Convergys

Convergys is a  Canadian based company offering in-house employment through their call centers located in select cities throughout the U.S. but they also offer legitimate work at home jobs (hurray!) for those who are experienced in customer service.

Some of the companies that you may expect to take calls for include:





As a call center representative, you will be taking customer service, sales and/or tech support calls for these companies.

Pay varies by project but you can expect to make an average of $8.50-$10.00 per hour.

Depending on your work performance, you can also expect to get periodic raises of .05-.25 cents every four months or so. Bonuses are also available depending on your job performance!

There is potential for advancement within the company from a call center representative to a team leader (which is a supervisory or mentor position).

The job includes benefits for U.S and U.K. home agents.

U.S. home agents can choose from the following:

Paid time off

Paid training

401 k plan

Employee stock purchase plan

Life insurance

Medical, Dental and/or Vision Insurance

U.K. agents can select from the following:

Annual leave allowance

Life assurance

Pension Plan

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Eye Care vouchers

Private medical and dental insurance

Requirements include:

A PC with high-speed internet, such as DSL, Cable or Broadband.

A corded telephone with a mute button

A USB headset that has a built in digital signal processor.

There are no fees that you will have to pay to work for Convergys, the company pays for it all including a background check!

Having applied for the company this past year, I do wish to advise you that most of their job opportunities are for representatives who are willing to work full time. 

Having made it as far as the interview process, I was upfront with the Convergys HR representative and let her know that I was not able to work full time but that I was interested in a part time position.

She advised me that most of their positions were full time positions but that when there was a part time position that became available, she would contact me (she never did), so maybe I didn't do so well on the interview (ha) or maybe they just don't have part time positions available right now. 

So for those of you who are looking to pick up just 15-20 hours per week, you may be better off looking at companies such as Alorica or LiveOps, that offer part time work from home opportunities

If you are looking for full time work, however, this seems like a great legitimate work at home opportunity.

This might be especially true if you are just trying to get your foot in the door as far as working at home is concerned, because not a lot of customer service experience is required, but you will have a great resume piece to add on once you move on to other work at home adventures!

Good luck!

For more information or to apply with Convergys, please click here


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