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Transcom (formerly Cloud 10) offers virtual work at home opportunities for customer service professionals

Transcom (formerly Cloud 10)  offers virtual work to qualified professionals in the area of customer service and product ordering.

Working for this company, you will be an employee, not an independent contractor.

This means that you do not have to worry about deducting payroll taxes from each paycheck, as you would if you were an independent contractor.

Their clients (the companies that you would be taking calls for) include cable companies and telephone providers.

Pay and Training

Pay averages around $8-$12 per hour and the company does pay for training.

The length of the training period will depend on which project (or company) you are assigned to. However, you can expect training to last anywhere from two weeks to one month.

Training for Transcom/Cloud 10 will be a combination of virtual led instruction and self taught instruction and testing done at your own pace.

One little side note to this type of training:

This combination of virtual training, ie. instructor led training and self taught training is really the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

I've participated in self taught training and, while convenient (because you can basically train on your own schedule) it leaves a lot to be desired because if there are things that are a little unclear or if you are simply confused , then there is no one to ask!

Believe me when I say that you want to be as clear as possible on how to work the various systems you will need on the job before you start your first day of work, this is to avoid panic and frustration!

I've also participated in instructor led training and, while I prefer this type of training over self taught training, it can still lead to havoc in your life for a week or two because you are basically beholden to your instructor's schedule, not your own, so you have to rearrange your whole life to make sure you attend every training class or else you won't graduate from the training course

Many companies, such as Transcom/Cloud 10 for example are now switching over to a combination of both:

Instructor led and self paced training and again, I think it's the best of both worlds.  So, while you may have to set aside one day at the beginning of your training period and one day at the end to attend the instructor led class, the other classes are self taught. 

So you can be the early bird that takes the worm and finish all of your classes way before your deadline (you teacher's pet you!!)

or you can be the silly procrastinator (like me) that stays up late the night before your last class to get all your work in on time!

The point is, it's up to you.  I just love that!

Ok... back to the topic on hand:

Once your training is complete, you will have a period of assistance from supervisors and team leaders as you start taking live calls.

One thing you will definitely need as you're getting started is a telephone headset, click here for an example of a headset you can use at Cloud10.

You will have either a team leader or supervisor stay in close contact with you during your first shift so that you will have them close by in case you need their assistance with a call!

Even after going "solo", you will still have a support system in place via supervisors and colleagues in a "virtual chat room" that you will able to go to while taking calls.

The company states that they offer opportunities to advance from a call center representative to a:

Team leader

Subject matter expert


Quality assurance specialist.

But from what I have heard, it does not seem to be that easy to advance at the company but it may be that things have changed since then.

For more information , or to apply with Transcom/Cloud 10, please click here

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