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A while back, I received an e-mail from a reader who asked how to go about finding a job; one that she could start pretty much right away.

Unfortunately, I really wasn't aware of any beyond some of the jobs that I list on my Supplemental Income page.

But then someone pointed me toward and stated that they average about $10-$15 an hour. Last pay period, this person really hustled and made $1500 in one month's time.

It may not seem like much, still it's nice to know that making this sort of income is attainable for anyone. Plus, the schedule is ultra-flexible. You basically just login when you feel like it and pick up tasks that are available on the site. (Through my research, I have seen people post that they can make up to $30 per hour).

Some Things to Note:

Getting started with this company will probably take you a good 4-5 hours to get everything set up, so I suggest to set aside an evening where you can work uninterrupted and really focus on the assessments that the company requires of you in order to work for them.

The assessments are not hard but you will really need to be able to follow instructions well, so attention to detail is a must.

The general assessments are pretty easy and consist of grammar/reading/English questions to make sure that you are proficient in English and Address questions (copying and pasting addresses and phone numbers from the internet) to see how well you follow instructions.

Clickworker UHRS I and II assessments

 These are the assessments that can be a little more difficult, but you have to take these in order to have access to every project available at Clickworker.

Don't be intimidated by these tests, I set aside a good hour and a half to do them and they were really quite easy, but be sure to take your time and do them right, because the company will only give you ONE chance to take them.

UHRS II isn't even a test, it's basically just setting up a hotmail account by following the company's specific instructions. This e-mail address, along with the username and password you set up will enable you to login to UHRS and do work whenever you feel like it.

Start work right away!

Once I finished all of the assessments, I was actually able to login to UHRS and start working right away.

Once you login to UHRS, you will see a list of available jobs (Clickworker calls them HitApps) that you can start working on right away.

Some of them will require you to pass a short qualification test before you work the Hitapp, so that they know that you "get" what the assignment is and will be able to carry them out.

The assignments are really easy. Some of the assignments I have completed include matching up clothing items on a retail website with their appropriate categories and ranking how interesting movie trivia facts were for a website.

The pay will range from 1 cents per task to 10 cents or more per task. My advice is to never go lower than the 5 cent tasks. If you do 10 tasks per minute (very doable) you can make $30 an hour. And yes, people routinely make that, although it's more feasible that you'll start out at about $10 per hour until you get faster at completing the tasks.

Payment is via Paypal and your first payment will come 3 weeks after you complete your first set of tasks (reaching a threshold of at least $10).

After that first payment, following payments are received weekly via Paypal

Still have questions? There is a great book on the subject that I recommend. It gives great step-by step instructions on how to get registered with Clickworker and the price is pretty reasonable at $2.99:

Make Money Online: Idiot Proof, Step-By-Step Guide To Making 15-36$/Hour With Clickworker Instantly (Make Money Online, How To Make Money Online, Make ... For Beginners, Make Money Online 2015)

And to apply, please visit:

Good luck everyone!


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