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Find home-based chat jobs

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Home Based chat jobs are becoming more and more popular these days,  for both employees and companies.

For many companies, chat is becoming more of an attractive option as well because it is helping to drive sales up while customer satisfaction increases, which a win-win for both employer and employee.

There are many people I know who would like to work from home but not necessarily as a call center agent, home-based or not!

Unfortunately for those of you who do not like being on the phones, entry level jobs in the work at home world are usually in the area of call center work.

However, for some, call center work is not an option. Sometimes it is a matter of preference and other times, it is just simply impossible because of the strict requirements that some home based call center companies have such as the "no background noise" rule.

That's why the option of doing home based work as a chat or e-mail customer service representative can be so appealing.

Working as a chat or e-mail customer service representative can be ideal for those of you who have babies or toddlers at home, barking dogs or generally lively noises in the background!

And on a personal note, having worked as a home-based call center agent for years, I recently switched over to working in chat (still for the same company and product) and I thoroughly enjoy it.

It's possible to have music playing in the background, or have the kids be as loud as they want in the house or near your office, etc .

I'm still kept pretty busy but the job is pleasant and I find that customers are very pleasant.

Thinking about how much I enjoy working in the area of chat, I thought I would post some of the most popular home based companies that hire virtual agents.

So below, you will find a list of these companies, for your information!

Good luck.

Companies that offer home based chat jobs:

1. Working Solutions- Select Projects offer chat opportunities

2. Needle- Chat Agents make either $10 per hour or $1.00 per chat depending on the company you work for.

3. Talk2Rep- Commission based pay only

4. Apple at home chat advisor

5. SiteStaff- Pay is approximately $10 per hour

6. Work is not always available but keep checking back, it might be worth it at $17.00 per hour for the job!

7. This is a new start-up so jobs may not always be available but as of right now (Fall 2014) they are offering home-based jobs worldwide in the areas of e-mail support and chat.  They are open to hiring those with little to no experience.


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