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Become a ChaCha guide!

Are you interested in finding out what it takes to become a ChaCha guide?

Well, if you are a savvy internet surfer, can think quickly on your feet and are a reasonably fast typist, then you may be exactly who this company is looking for!

These home based guides work in assisting customers who are seeking out information on a variety of different subjects.

Your job is to search the internet and provide the customer with a quick and easy to comprehend answer! That's pretty much it! Seems simple, right?

Full disclosure:  I don't know anyone who has actually worked as a ChaCha guide, so I decided to apply to the company and see what it was like.  The application process was pretty painless and I was able to breeze through that part of things pretty quickly and without a problem.

I was able to be accepted as a guide right away and the company sent me some "getting started" videos.  These were very helpful and got me up and running within a matter of hours.

I was able to start up as a guide that same day and I have to admit, it was pretty satisfying to start up so quickly and have the opportunity to make some extra cash right away.

When you log in, you can get set your status to  "away" so that you don't get questions coming in to you until you are ready.

When you are ready to start answering questions, set yourself to "available" and get ready to have some rapid fire questions coming in.

You will be able to choose from available answers that guides have already posted or you can type in your own unique answer.

The more questions you answer, the more you get paid so of course, it is to your advantage to answer the questions as quickly as you can, however, you also get graded by ChaCha on how accurate your answers are. 

Getting a good score as a guide is important because you can be let go if you accuracy score is low.

I found working as a Cha Cha guide to be very challenging because, in order to give a quality answer, I needed more time but in order to make money I would really have to answer questions in about 30 seconds or less.

I guess I am really slow because I was lucky if I could get out a suitable answer in one minute.  My average was about 2-3 minutes per answer, which is horrible. 

I admit, I only logged on to the ChaCha website in my spare time but even so, after about 2 weeks, I only made $8.00.    

In my opinion, working for ChaCha was not worth my time but just because it did not work out for me does not mean it will not work for you.

If this type of thing interests you and you are quick on the computer, then I suggest you check it out!

Let me explain a little more about ChaCha so you can know a little more detail in regards to what the job entails and whether it would be a good fit for you!

Chacha guides can work in one of four categories:


As a Generalist, you will be helping customers with ..... you guessed it..... "General questions!". Any question under the sun is fair game. A skilled Generalist will be able to:

Decipher the meaning of a question that a customer is asking. (It may not be as easy as you might think to decipher the actual intent behind a question!)

Find the correct answer using the Internet and other tools provided by Chacha

Articulate an answer that is easy for the customer to understand.

Generalists must be knowledgeable and exceptional in:

Internet searches

Grammar and spelling

Typing speed


Specialists are just like Generalists with a special twist. Specialists will specialize in certain areas based on interest or expertise on the subject. Some examples may be:


Home improvement

Computer technology, etc....

This allows them to focus their time on being a guide in the areas that they feel most comfortable or knowledgeable in!


An expeditor is there to supply answers to questions that a customer may have, in real time.

This could include things such as helping to settle a bet, helping with dating etiquette, or providing a much needed phone number.

Expeditors will have to:

Answer questions quickly

Find appropriate answers from a menu provided by the company

Or send the question on to the appropriate Specialist for further assistance


Transcribers will listen to recorded audio made by customers who are calling into 1-800-2chacha.

They will then convert the audio into text questions for Chacha guides to answer.

Transcribers :

Should have stronger than average listening skills and should be able to comprehend the question being asked, even through language barriers, bad phone quality, etc.

Must be able to quickly transcribe the question into a coherent text question for guides to be able to understand and answer.

General requirements to work in any of the above four categories

Must be at least 18 years old

Must be fluent in English

Must have a U.S. mailing address

Must have high speed internet

Schedule and Pay

As a chacha guide, you will work as an independent contractor, which just means you are responsible for setting aside your own federal and state income tax to pay come April 15th.

The schedule is extremely flexible, you basically log in whenever you would like to work, there is no minimum weekly requirement that you must work.

As for pay,

Expeditors can expect to make .02 cents per completed task, Transcribers, .03 cents and Generalists and Specialists will earn somewhere between .10 and .20 cents per completed task.

Many Chacha guides report making no more than a few dollars an hour, although there are some that report making $100 or more a week.

My suggestion is to not count on this to bring in any kind of a reliable income. However, if you happen to get by a computer to check e-mail, surf the web, or even if you are a student and are writing a paper, why not have this on in the background, do a little multitasking and get paid a little here and there!

Otherwise, I would say that this job opportunity may not be worth it, as the pay is too low for the time you will put into it.

For more information or to apply to become a ChaCha guide, click here!


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