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Can you make money from home sending out e-mails?

by Wilma

Wilma asks:

Is there a job sending out emails?

My reply:

Hi Wilma!

I have not run across a legitimate work opportunity that involves sending out e-mails to people. If you have been receiving e-mails telling you that you can make money by doing this type of work, then I have to warn you to run the other way from such business or work "opportunities" because it is most likely a scam.
In fact, many of these scams involve you paying some sort of fee, you may then receive a list of people to send an e-mail to, with the exact same wording ie: "Make money by simply sending e-mails" in the hopes that you will be successful in your campaign by getting one of your e-mail recipients to fork out some cash and thus the vicious cycle continues!

Some suggestions that I can give you that may perhaps be similar to what you are looking for include:


    This company hires customer service representatives from home who can help customers via chat (for example AOL Instant Messaging).. instead of over the phone.


    Leapforce offers job for those techie types who are really good on the internet. The actual job title offered is that of a "search engine evaluator" so again, no need to be on the phone!

  • Virtual Bee

    Virtual Bee hires data entry workers sporadically , based on need. They are one of the few data entry companies out there that are legitimate, it's just that, as you can imagine, the people who do get in ... stay. So there is a low employee turnover rate, which is a good thing! However, as of this writing, they are hiring right now, so I would suggest applying today if this interests you!

    I have other ideas that you may want to check out on my Supplemental Income page. as well.

    Sorry for the long winded reply but I hope that helps to answer your question!


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