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Get Free Business Mentoring

Free business mentoring through Score

So many of us want to start a business but have no idea how or where to start. 

Still others have taken the plunge headfirst but then find themselves stuck and don't know how to market themselves or just get over the hump of feeling overwhelmed and lost.

One of the biggest secrets of the most successful business people on the planet is that they have had mentors. Mentors will push you, encourage you, bounce new ideas off you and give you a different perspective. Two heads are always better than one, right?

I actually came across this free mentoring service while researching Jen Glantz,the owner of a new startup named   Bridesmaid For Hire

In an interview for, she admits she doesn't like asking for help ("I try to be a one-woman show"), but has been meeting with Ray Lapof, an 82-year-old businessman she met through SCORE, an organization that offers free advice to young entrepreneurs. 

They've met twice a month since January, and their one-hour sessions typically turn into three hours of tough love.

Through their sessions, she has been able to refine her ideas for the company, narrow down monetization ideas and reject the idea of partnering with someone. "Partnerships are for dogs and boyfriends -- not for businesses," according to Glantz's mentor (lol).

Free Business Mentoring through Score

So, if you're thinking of starting your own small business, or already have one up and running I highly suggest you check out SCORE at:

According to their site, they helped over 50,000 entrepeneurs start their businesses in 2015. In addition to offering mentors in many different areas of expertise, they also offer free or low-cost business training and education in your local area ( or if it's not offered in your local area, they also have this type of training available for you online).

Their mentors work as volunteers and will also add information and resources to the website such as tools and valuable blogs for information, as well as business templates that you can use.

It's worth taking a look at to see how you can be helped from the wisdom of others who have "been there, done that". I highly suggest you take advantage of this wonderful tool.

Again the website can be found at:

Good luck!

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