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Brainfuse: A company that hires online tutors.

Brainfuse is a company that hires qualified educators to work as online tutors.

The company offers a couple of different services:

They offer online tutoring services to customers for a fee.

They also offer a special service to many schools and libraries across the U.S. wherein a qualified student or a library patron can enjoy a free online tutor!

A Government Paid Program

 This is a government paid program, mostly brought about with the advent of the No Child Left Behind Program.

This company stepped into the gap to help provide some schools a free online tutor for students who qualify. For students who don't qualify for the free program, they can sign up for private tutoring sessions for a fee.

The company's Help Now service also offers homework assistance or pre-planned tutoring sessions to some libraries nationwide. Again, this is free! All that is needed to access a free online tutor is a library card for that specific library!

Although this service is free to those specific students and library patrons, you will, of course, still be paid to work as a tutor for the company.

What are the requirements?

I'm sure by now you are curious about what the requirements are to work for this company:

Here are some of the requirements:

To work for this company, a teaching degree is not required, although it is preferred.

It's also required that all potential online tutors pass assessment tests in the areas they wish to teach in.

Higher education teachers are required to have at least a Master's degree, live in the U.S. and have prior teaching experience.

What you can expect as an employee

Here are a few details about what you can expect if hired on with Brainfuse:

You can expect that you will be tutoring children who are in 2nd grade , all the way up to college age students.

The ages of the students will vary greatly and it depends also on which subjects you are qualified to tutor in.

You can also expect that you may be helping students with immediate homework help or that you will have prepared lesson plans available to a small group of students.

      Sessions with students last about an hour

The schedule can be very flexible; you can set your own hours.

Pay averages about $10.00 an hour

For more information or to apply with Brainfuse, please click here!


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