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How Babysitting Jobs can get you at least $15 an hour

Babysitting jobs

Babysitting jobs are not just for your 12 year old daughter anymore.

It's kinda awesome that babysitters nowadays can make this much money per hour ($15-$18, pretty cool!)

But, I guess when you really think about it, babysitting has really evolved into more than just a Saturday afternoon/evening job once a week.

Many dual income families need daycare during the day, while mom and dad are at work, or after school.

The need is great and that's also coupled with the fact that many parents are a lot more cautious about who they have watching and interacting with their children (as it should be), so they are willing to pay more to get the right person for the job.

How much can babysitters make and what is required to get started?

According to, pay may vary from city to city, but the average is $14 per hour.

Cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City may reach $18+ per hour for qualified babysitters. In addition, pay may also vary with the amount of kids you are babysitting, the time of day you will be watching them, additional qualifications such as CPR certification, additional duties that need to be completed such as picking kids up from school or helping them out with homework, and the age of the sitter.

Keep in mind that many babysitting jobs will have the sitters travel to the parents so that the child remains in the comfort of their own home.

Alternatively, you can also watch children in your home, but technically, you may need to look into getting licensed as a Childcare operator if you wish to go that route.

Simply look up the childcare laws in your state for more info.

Another thing you want to think about is whether you enjoy being around children. I know that seems obvious but childcare duty is not for everyone, and that's ok!

However, if you like kids, have lots of energy, patience and a pretty good sense of humor, you'll survive. =)

If you think this is a good fit for you, there are two companies that I recommend you look at and register with if you want to pursue this further. Here they are below:


I also suggest taking at look at and simply do a search for "sitters" or "caretakers" in your city. I always see tons of jobs listed here.

Good luck!

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