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Find at-home-work with Ver-A-Fast.

Here's a little information on finding at-home-work for those of you who are looking for a little part time job . The company we are profiling today is called:


Ver-A-Fast works mostly with the newspaper industry, being their "call
center" so to speak. They are headquartered in Ohio, with over 300 agents working out of that location  and over 500 at home workers being employed as well. 

Take note however, that if you do end up with at home work for Ver-A-Fast, you will do so as an independent contractor and not an employee of the company.  This means that you will not be paid a set hourly rate per hour, you will have to set aside a portion of your own paycheck for tax purposes and you will not be eligible for health benefits.

Many people I know prefer being paid as an Independent contractor because if you are paid by the minute (for example) then you have the possibility of making more money per hour than you would if you are being paid an hourly set wage.  

To explain, let's say you are being paid $10 per hour if you are an employee of the company. 

You will be paid $10 per hour regardless of call volume (whether it is a slow call day or you are getting phone calls back to back). 

This can be nice  except that some people like to be paid per the minute or per the call because you may have the opportunity of making more money per hour if it is a busy call day.

Just FYI, one of the complaints that I have heard about this company is that the work you put in for the amount of time you are spending on the job does not add up to minimum wage.

Others have stated that you can make more than minimum wage however, it does require that you put hard work and dedication into the job in order to reap a good paycheck.

What sort of at-home-work will you be doing?

Working for this company, you can expect that you:

Will mostly be making verification calls

Checking on the service being provided to the customer

(their subscription to their daily or weekend newspaper, for instance)


taking appropriate action to meet their needs.

Make sure to read the contract carefully as it will discuss your job responsibilities and pay!

1. HMV agents are home based agents that verify information from customers and are required to submit daily reports.

2.  TSR agents are agents that work on site within the company's headquarters (or other "brick and mortar sites").  These agents have access to the company's predictive dialer in order to place outbound calls.

3.  TSR remote agents  are agents that conduct at-home-work but also have access to the company's predictive dialer from their home office.

Please note that training for this at-home-work position lasts about 2 days and is done via webinars in which you can participate and ask questions about the training and the job itself.

Once the training is complete, you will have full access to the phones, your calls will be recorded for the purposes of evaluation and coaching if needed!


The requirements for this job are similar to any legitimate at-home-work opportunity, just remember that although this is typically a part time work opportunity and it is from home, that you still have the potential to make a great income and thus should approach your application and interview with professionalism and great energy!

Here are some of the requirements:

1. The ability to be able to work 16 hours or more per week.

One thing that I have noticed in my research is that Ver-a-Fast is very strict about this time requirement and work adherence is strictly monitored.  The company seems to have a very low tolerance for work absences .

So my advice is to only apply if you know you can work 15 hours per week and be sure to show up for the shifts that you have scheduled for yourself , otherwise you may face termination, just FYI.

2. Need to have an IBM compatible computer, pentium III or higher running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

3. Need to have a working printer with black and colored ink (I'm not sure why the colored ink is a requirement but we'll roll with it!).

4. High speed internet such as DSL or Cable is a must.

You will also want to make sure that you have a quiet work space, dedicated to taking calls (no crying children or barking dogs).

There is much more info on the Ver-a-Fast website itself, so be sure to pop onto that website to get more details about the job itself or to get in contact with a representative of the company!

A few more details:

Here are a few more little interesting tidbits that I have gathered from my research on this at-home-work opportunity with Ver-A-Fast that I thought you might find interesting.

They only pay via paper check, no direct deposit or paypal payments.

Many contractors have expressed dissatisfaction with this form of payment for obvious reasons, namely, checks being delayed or checks being lost in the mail (gotta love our lovely USPS, I'm being a little facetious here).

When confronted with these difficulties, the company states that they will charge you (the independent contractor) a stop payment fee to reissue a new check .  (Doesn't seem like a good business practice to me).

Also, when the company was asked why they pay via paper check instead of direct deposit, the company stated that it is because the turnover is so high that it doesn't warrant setting up direct deposit for agents who will leave the company rather quickly.

So, I am telling you this not to demean this company at all but just to kind of give you a heads up about what is being said about this company so that you can then make your own informed decision!

If you have experience with this at-home-work company and want to add in your own two cents, please feel free to do so in the  Facebook comments below, I would really be interested to hear your take on this!

In the meantime, here is the link for at-home-work opportunities with Ver-A-Fast

< < < VER-A-FAST

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