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Asurion.. find a real work at home job in virtual customer service.

Asurion is the largest provider of wireless headset insurance and wireless roadside assistance in North America.

They have in-house call centers throughout the U.S., however, they do also hire virtual workers as customer care representatives!

Currently, they are hiring in the following cities:

Charlotte, NC


San Antonio, TX (hiring spanish speakers as well)

Austin, TX (hiring spanish speakers)


Denver, CO (hiring spanish speakers)

Evans, CO

Kansas City

Miami, FL (hiring spanish speakers)

Moncton, NB (hiring French speakers and tech support specialists)

Nashville, TN

Orlando, FL (hiring spanish speakers)

Charlotte, NC (hiring spanish speakers)


Working for this company, you will be working as an employee, not an independent contractor.
That means that you will get an hourly wage averaging about $10.00 an hour, plus you will be eligible to receive benefits such as:

  • Medical benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Vision Benefits
  • 401 k plans
  • Educational assistance


  • Life insurance

  • What are the requirements?

    The requirements for working with the company include:

    A quiet work environment such as a home office or bedroom.

    A PC running Windows XP/Vista/7

    High speed internet such as DSL, Cable or Broadband

    What will the job entail?

    Working for this company, you can expect to be taking inbound calls from customers who are calling in regards to their wireless handset insurance claims. You will be helping to provide them with a new phone if needed. Also, you may helping customers who need roadside assistance and getting them the help they need (for example a towing service sent to their rescue.)

    Full time or part-time positions are available. Working evenings and weekends required.

    All in all, from everything I have heard, it is a good job, there will always be people who have had a bad experience but for the most part, the turnover at this company is pretty low, which tells me that most employees stick with the company because they are satisfied with it! So enjoy and Good luck!

    To apply with Asurion, please click here

    < < ASURION

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