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15 Apps That Pay

A list of 15 moneymaking or saving apps that pay you

Don't we all love to save a little money here and there?

And don't we love to make a little money here and there, if it's somewhat easy to do so? 

That's the idea behind this list I put together for you today showing you how you can, with a little effort, make some extra cash to put in your pocket, by simply using an app on your smartphone.

These apps are awesome, some of them revolve around shopping and taking a picture of your receipt, others involve a little more work.

For now, I will just be publishing the list  of apps and their website address, but as I get a little more time over the next few days, I will add a little more info on each app for you.


15 Apps that Pay

Here are 15 apps that are sure to put a little extra money in your pocket!

1. Check out 51

This is an app that I just recently discovered, and am super excited about. This app releases a list  of cash back offers every Thursday morning.  These are for grocery items that you can pick up at most local grocery stores.  If you buy the item and snap a picture of the receipt, uploading it to Checkout 51, you will get cash back in your Paypal account, sometimes up to $1.00.


Ibotta pays you cash back when you make online purchases at many different department stores and online retailers.  Stores may include Macy's , JC Penney's and  Nordstrom's.


This is a fun way to work in the area of Mystery Shopping.  The Shops are usually short, and you are paid via rewards points that you can redeem for cash in your Paypal account or other rewards such as gift cards to most major retailers.


This app rewards you for checking in while you watch your favorite show.  The more you watch, the more you earn.


 This uber popular program pays you to search the web.  You basically search the internet as you usually do and earn points that are redeemable for gift cards or paypal cash.


Purchase specific products, scan the receipt, earn cash, simple as that.

7. Reward TV

Watch your favorite tv shows, log in to Reward TV the next day for cash and prizes.


Get paid to give your thoughts on specific products.

9. App Trailer

Watch video trailers, earn rewards points and gift cards.


Play trivia games, earn gift cards.


Earn cash for running errands for others.

13. Gigwalk

This app allows you to choose assignments around town for businesses.


Similar to Gigwalk, you choose work in your city.


Pick up work or easy shift work in your city.

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