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Info on the home-based work opportunity offered by
American Express

World renowned American Express often posts home based customer service work on their website .

I often see job postings for home based customer service professionals and Travel counselors and as well, if you sign up for the company's email alerts, they will let you know when they are hiring for these sorts of positions.

Info on working for American Express

 American Express is one of the world's most respected credit card companies and as such, they are looking for quality people to represent their brand.

The official job title for this position is :

American Express Customer Care Professional.

Working for the company, you will be taking inbound calls, providing excellent customer service to your customers as well as mixing in a little
sales via recommendations of products or services which can enhance the customer's experience with American Express.

American Express is one of many companies that I have applied to over the years.  I was attracted to the company because of their work at home program.  However, the hours that they were offering at a full time schedule of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday was not feasible for my schedule because I was caring for young children.

Perhaps I shouldn't have done this but just to see how complicated the application process was, I set aside a couple of hours to apply and it did take me about that long to complete the application process.

The application led to a skills test and (what I call a psych evaluation) where they ask you questions to basically see if you will be a good fit for their team.  My only advice would be to be yourself and answer the questions as honestly as possible, although I can say that it is pretty obvious that they are looking for a team player so that  might help you kind of figure out what answers they are looking for!

Another aspect of the skills test that you might want to be aware of is the math portion.  More and more companies are including a math section within these evaluations so you might want to keep a calculator handy and just go slowly and try to really comprehend what is being asked of you.  Many of them are puzzles and if you just take your time, you might be able to reason them out!

What are the requirements?

The company requires that you have either a 4 year college degree or 4 years of customer service.

They also require that you have excellent customer service skills which include:

Listening to the customer


Building a rapport with the customer

You would also need to be able to knowledgeable in how to manage and operate various computer systems

The company also prefers that you:

Have experience in working as a customer service representative in a virtual setting

Have an understanding of credit card practices and terminology

Have some experience in sales (whether that be from home or virtually)

In my current job (with a different company) I speak to American Express Travel representatives all the time and I can tell you that they are devoted to getting the best for their customers.  Their goal really seems to be able to offer the best service possible to their customers.

How many hours can you expect to work

This company is hiring for full time positions only, no part time positions are available. This would be 40 hours +

Schedules are fixed , which means that you don't have as much flexibility as you would in other at home positions.

Please keep this in mind. I would compare this to a set schedule such as you would have at what I like to call a "bricks and mortar company" the only difference of course, being that you are doing all this work from home and you do not have the added cost of commuting to work, a wardrobe or going out for lunch daily being added to the mix, which can be a considerable savings for you!

Another thing to keep in mind is that some weekend shifts are required and your weekly work schedule may include some evening and/or overnight shifts.

Technical requirements:

High speed DSL or cable required, no wireless or satellite allowed.

Dedicated landline phone, (needs to be a corded phone with a headset jack) here are a few examples of phones that can be used. (simply click here to view)

Phone headset with noise cancelling technology.

To apply with American Express please go to :

(Make sure to look for the : "Home based Customer Service" Position)


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