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 Accuconference is a company that offers various forms of support in the area of communication for their clients.

(For example audio and video/web conferencing)

This company may not be as well known in the work at home community as other popular home based companies such as:

Working Solutions



however, they do have a work from home division that offers customer service and sales professionals the possibility of telecommuting.

For those of you who are interested in knowing a little more about them before you head on over to their website, here's what I have been able to find out:

1.  They don't charge anyone to apply with them and there is contact information on their website if you wish to get in contact with someone from the company.

 The company is a legitimate company (although I still always suggest that my readers do their own due diligence and research companies on their own, you can do this by simply going to Google and conducting a search for the keyword: Accuconference and add the word scam to it, so that would be :


Just a word of caution, I normally post jobs with which I have either worked for, applied to, or know someone who has worked for the company.

However, I do not personally know anyone who has ever specifically worked for this company nor do I have any personal experience of my own with this company so it is hard to shed much light on them, their pay scale and the job responsibilities.  But from all I have seen, the company is a legitimate company and does offer work at home positions from time to time.

2.  From what I was able to research, I discovered that this company provides web and audio conferencing for their clients to be able to use within their own companies.


Thus, this company has a variety of jobs available both for "brick and mortar" employees and for their work at home employees.

3.  If you happen to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth are and are able to work outside the home then you may have several different employment opportunities available such as:

 Inbound Marketing (generating website traffic using SEO or increasing sales through social media)

Software development



4.  However, if you are interested in working from home,
(which I suspect you are otherwise you wouldn't be on this site!) then working as a call center representative will most likely be your role.

Have you worked for this company as a call center representative from home? If you have, please share your knowledge and wisdom with us!

What kind of information do we seek?

Pay information: Is it hourly, by the minute, and what is the rate of pay?

Training: Is the training paid for by the company, how long is it and can it be done remotely?

Job responsibilities: What does the job entail? Is it pleasant? What are the pros and cons of the job?

To apply for a home based position with Accuconference, please visit their website here.


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