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Work for Zapier

Zapier is offering home-based work!

In looking through available job leads for the day, I stumbled across a company that is hiring remote agents right now.  This company is named Zapier.  It is a startup company that has employees in California, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Missouri but they are open to hire remote workers around the globe, especially in certain parts of the world, namely:  the U.S. (West Coast), Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe

About the job:

The company is specifically looking for people with great service skills.

Please note that this is not a phone based position!

That's good news for those of you that have young children at home (basically noise level is not a concern)  or for those of you who are not really interested in phone based work.

The company's ideal representative will be empathetic to their customers, patient and efficient.

Mostly, the job includes handling tech support for customers but since the company is rather new, you may be involved in different aspects of their business as well.  Their support team handles mostly Eastern and Central Time Zones but may be expanding to other time zones as the company grows.

Working for this company involves mostly e-mail based and chat work (between you and the customer and you and your other teammates) so you should be a proficient typist and very comfortable with the internet and computer technology.



Come what may, I was not able to find pay information on this company.

On the website,  it says that pay is based on your work experience.  So if you're just starting out with little to no experience, expect your pay grade will look different than someone with a bit more experience under their belt.

However, the company does state that they do provide benefits such as  healthcare, dental  and vision coverage.

Unlimited vacation policy ... wow.  The company offers this plus they "insist" that you take at least 2 weeks off per year. 

Also, the company states that you will have access to  a few company retreats in varying locations.  No word on whether they pay for these retreats (probably not) but it still seems like a neat opportunity to travel a bit as well.

Requirements to work for Zapier:

One thing to note.  On the company's website , it is stated that they do not believe that credentials are needed.  I am sure you need some experience, but what it tells me is that you may not need a lot.

Remember to always play up the skills that you do have on either a resume or during your interview.  Confidence goes a long way towards getting the job that you desire!

They also state that you get to pick your own equipment. They will set you up with whatever laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.   Sounds good right?

To apply:


    Send an email to
    You'll want to tell them why you want to work for them rather than another company.  That shouldn't be too hard.

    Also, they would like you to answer these 4 questions:

    A user requests an integration with a service that is not supported yet. How would you word your response?

    What is one thing you'd like to buy online, right now? Explain how you would go about buying it

What should your goal be when replying to users?

    How would you explain what an API is to a customer who has never heard of one?

To apply please see the company website listed below, good luck:


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