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Work-at-Home Job Ideas, Issue #004 -- Non-Phone Work-at-Home Jobs!
November 05, 2012

Welcome back for the 4th issue of my newsletter: Finding Work at Home Job Ideas!

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In Volume 4, we will cover:

  • Non-Phone Work-at-Home Jobs!

    Welcome to November!

    I am hoping this new month finds everyone well, especially in the face of Hurricane Sandy. If you are in the Northeast, I am sending prayers and good wishes your way and I am hoping you are safe and sound.

    This month's newsletter is going to focus on "non- phone" jobs that can be done from home.

    I know many people who would just hate to work from home in a typical phone job. I mean, let's face it, working in customer service or sales over the phone is not for everyone.

    There are many who would love to work from home but would rather sit in a car on a congested highway any day over getting on the phone to speak to an irate customer. No worries, I get it. If this sounds like you, then stay with me here because I'm going to try to round up as many companies I can that offer non phone work that can be done from home.

    Now, here's my little disclaimer: I have not thoroughly checked out ALL of these companies although I am familiar with many of them, so please make sure to research the company appropriately, (do they have valid phone numbers and /or email addresses for company representatives) AND also remember that you should never have to pay to work for an at-home company, they should pay you.

    Some of these companies may not be hiring at this time but many will still allow you to apply and they will put you on a waiting list, so be aware of that as well. !

    Now let's get you all some jobs!

    Good luck!

    Data Entry

    Axion Data

    Search Engine Evaluators



    Workforce Logic


    Find jobs with companies such as Tigerfish, Accutran Global and Speakwrite, check out my review on each site on my website, click below to see a full list and reviews of each transcription company:

    Click here for my list of transcription companies

    Tutoring Jobs

    Jobs are available with companies such as, Brainfuse and TutorVista.

    To see a list of Tutoring Companies that work from home. click here

    Software Developers

    Virtual Assistants





    Courthouse Research Jobs

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    Best of luck to you all and "see" you next month!

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