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Work-at-Home Job Ideas, Issue #006 -- New Jobs for the New Year!
January 04, 2013

Welcome back for the 6th issue of my newsletter: Finding Work at Home Job Ideas!

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In Volume 6, we will cover: Hot, Hot jobs for 2013!

  • New Year, New Work-at-Home jobs! Get 'em while you can!

    Happy 2013!

    This January is the perfect month to go out and find a new job. Perhaps you are looking for a second part-time income or maybe even a full time income. Whatever the case for you, rest assured that there are many work at home jobs out there, just waiting to be filled by people like you.

    Dust off your resumes and set aside some time this weekend to check out and apply to the companies I will be listing for you below and then just sit back and wait for those e-mails to come flooding into your inbox with a formal request for an interview!

    By the way, you do have a sharp resume, don't you? If you don't, now is the time to get one together. You'll want to stand out so make sure it is as great as you can get it. In fact to help you out, I have included a free sample cover letter for you at the bottom of my newsletter. Feel free to use this as your own cover letter.

    Ok, so back to business..

    There are some pretty great work at home companies that are hiring right now but if you are interested in applying, you should act quickly before their hiring spree is over. This month's newsletter will focus on HOT work at home jobs. And by hot, I mean any open slots these companies have may be gone by next week. However, if you are looking to get hired and start working by the end of this month, then applying to these companies is the way to go!

    Without further ado, let's get started..

    Work at home companies that are hiring right now:

  • Guthy Renker call center agent-full time customer service agent from home

    GED required, 3-6 month training program, sales experience preferred but not required. Incoming calls, customer service and sales position. For more information and to apply:

    please click here.

  • Virtual Bee

    This company, (formerly KeyForCash now Virtual Bee) is offering data entry work to qualified applicants. If you have heard of KeyForCash then you know how difficult it is to get hired by them simply because once people get hired, they stay at this company.. there is no high employee turnover rate here! It is rare that this company is hiring so if data entry is something that you would like to do, then you should jump on this opportunity as quickly as possible! Click here to apply.

  • Live Ops

    Live Ops is hiring customer service reps who can take inbound calls from home. The project that they are hiring for right now is for roadside assistance. Live Ops offers some of the most flexible scheduling opportunities in the work at home world and the pay ranges from $8-$20 per hour (paid for calls by the minute) Check out LiveOps by clicking here.

  • Sitel

    Sitel has recently gone on a hiring spree. They are searching for customer service agents who are willing to work from home. They may be coming to the end of their hiring spree so you'll want to act fast on this one.

    More on Sitel here.

  • Contract World

    Contract World (formerly Contract x Change) is hiring customer service reps for their Pizza Hut project right now. If you are bilingual (Spanish or French) then you may really be in demand. Don't forget that this company is one of the few companies that makes you pay for training, however, if you can afford it, don't let this discourage you, they are a legitimate company. Find out more about Contract World here.

  • Convergys

    Convergys is hiring right now for their DirecTV project and it looks like they have two upcoming projects that they will need people for so if this company interests you, you should definitely apply right now. Pay usually hovers around $9 per hour but they do offer periodic raises and medical and dental benefits as well as a 401K. Click here to apply with Convergys.

  • Speakwrite

    Speakwrite is hiring transcribers right now who have experience in legal transcription. Unfortunately, they are not hiring General typists right now but may sometime in the future. (You can plug in your email address onto their website to be alerted when those positions open up but for now if you have had any experience in legal transcription, then strike now while the iron is hot! Click here to apply with Speakwrite.

  • Talk2rep

    Talk2Rep is looking for agents who are willing to work as chat agents. This is not a phone position, so for those of you who do not like being on the phone, this may be perfect!

    To apply, click here and make sure to further click on the work at home sales chat position.

  • Teleflora

    You know what special day is right around the corner right? Yes, you guessed right... Valentine's Day! And to help them deal with the expected big-time call volume, Teleflora is hiring inbound customer service/sales agents for temporary positions starting right now.

    To apply with Teleflora, click here.

  • Get a jobs as a Yahoo sports writer!

    This one will also disappear quickly so you've gotta work fast!

    Yahoo is looking for a freelance sports writer who is interested in covering NBA, NFL and MLB professional sports teams. It is a work from home position and pay is based on how many people actually view your article but this is a great resume piece and may help you land other great freelance writing opportunities!

    Here's the link for more info.

    Don't forget that I have a page on how and where to locate freelance writing opportunities, Check it out here.

    How's that for a list of hot jobs, waiting just for you!

    I can't forget that I promised you that I would give you a sample of a great cover letter for your knockout resume. Here it is below:

    Sample Cover letter for your resume

    {Month Day, Year}

    {Name of Hiring Manager}


    {Company Name}

    {Street Address}

    {City,State,Zip Code}

    Dear {Mr./Ms. Last name},

    This letter is to express my interest in the {Position listed in Posting} and {Skill listed in posting}, I am confident that I would be a great addition to your team.

    My resume that highlights my ability/knowledge/expertise in {A specific subject matter} and {A Specific Area or Industry}is enclosed. During my time at {Your Past Company}, I was able to {succeed/save money/save time/increase sales/increase productivity} in {a specific area}. {List a specific example relevant to this position, focusing on how you can help the company}

    I am excited about the {Position listed in Posting} position and the ability to help your company succeed. Thank you in advance for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would appreciate the opportunity to review my qualifications in more detail and will contact you next {day of the week}.



    Good luck all, Happy New Year and may you be blessed ! ;)

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    Best of luck to you all and "see" you next month!

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