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Work-at-Home Job Ideas, Issue #007 -- Miscellaneous Money Makers
February 09, 2013

Welcome back for the 7th issue of my newsletter: Finding Work at Home Job Ideas!

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In Volume 7, we will cover: Miscellaneous Money Making Work!

  • And we will also take a look at hot jobs for the month of February!

    Happy early Valentine's Day! For all my wonderful job-seeking friends, here is my February newsletter... it's my Valentine's Day gift to you! =)

    Don't we all just love finding extra ways to earn money online?

    I know I do and the great news is that earning money online is not as difficult to accomplish as it has been in the past. Not to say that there aren't countless scams out there but if you are careful, you can navigate the work at home world with ease and find many ways to earn money online.

    What do I mean by miscellaneous money makers?

    Try finding work as an e-juror, website tester or an online guide!

    Sound fun? It is.. so stick around, grab your favorite cup of coffee and relax while you peruse the many money making gigs that are out there for the taking.

    But before we get to the fun part... oh who am I kidding, it's all fun! Let's take a look at a few virtual job opportunities that are available for the month of February.

    Friends, don't forget that these jobs may go very quickly so if any of these interest you, my suggestion is to jump on it right away!

    Without further ado, let's get started..

    Work at home companies that are hiring right now:

  • Enterprise

    This job is available in various cities throughout the United States. Jobs are available in reservations and sales. For more information and to apply:

  • U-Haul

    U-Haul is also hiring customer service representatives in the area of reservations and sales. Click here to apply.

  • Arise

    Arise is hiring experienced medical billers to work in data entry. For more on the company and to apply, click here.

  • American Express (third shift)

    Once again, American Express is hiring for their customer care position. The work is full time and pays anywhere from $15-$20 per hour. For more, click here.

  • Connections Academy

    Connections Academy is looking for qualified educators, specifically a Speech Language pathologist, as well as an English, Spanish or Chinese language tutor, these positions are of course, home-based. Simply click here to apply.

  • Work at home Jobs for registered nurses

    If you are a registered nurse in the Flagstaff area, you may be in luck as this company is looking to hire an RN Case Manager who can work from home! Click here for more info.

  • United Health Group

    More work at home jobs for registered nurses. This time in the state of Texas.

    Click here to apply.

  • Guthy-Renker (Arden, NC)

    The work includes taking customer service calls, either full or part-time.

    Click here to apply.

    Now for the fun part.... Let's find some creative ways to earn money online!

    Here they are, some fun money-making ideas: Use them for a little extra cash, to buy that something special, pay off a credit card card bill or anything else you can think of!

  • Website Testers

  • Get Paid to be an e-juror

  • Earn money online by... answering questions!

  • Miscellaneous

    Pay Per Task Sites

    Supplemental Income

    Freebies : Free Books!

    If you own a Kindle, here are some Free books from Amazon. Yes, they are free but they may only be free today so hurry!

    Your Millionaire Attitude

    The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude 2013 Edition

    Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You

    Taking Flight!: Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships...Your Life

    I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents: Cool Stuff You Need To Know

    Little Women

    Wuthering Heights

    SMART SCHOOL TIME RECIPES: The Breakfast, Snack, and Lunchbox Cookbook for Healthy Kids and Adults

    Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner and Something More

    HOSTILE WITNESS (legal thriller, thriller) (The Witness Series,#1)

    34 Cut Out Cookie Recipes - The Best Recipes For Cut Out Cookies For All Occasions All Year Long (Easy Cookie Recipes - The Best and Tastiest Cookie Recipes Collection)

    Well, there ya go! Have fun! =)

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    Best of luck to you all and "see" you next month!

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