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Work-at-Home Job Ideas, Issue #010 - Get a leg up on job seekers
August 08, 2013

Welcome back for the 10th issue of my newsletter: Finding Work at Home Job Ideas!

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In Volume 10, we will cover: How to get a great Work at Home position in time for "Back to School"!

  • August is here and we know what that means! It's Back to school time! So, Why is NOW the perfect time to find a work at home job? Read below to find out!

    Back to School is right around the corner and we as moms and dads are busy, busy, busy getting all of the back to school supplies ready as well squeezing in a few more extra fun days before the School season begins anew.

    The work at home world typically almost grinds to a halt during this time of the year, which is good news for you.


    Because there are many companies that are starting to hire in anticipation for a busy fall and holiday season.

    If you start applying to some of these companies now, you may get a leg up on other work at home candidates who will start job hunting within the next month. In fact, when I was first hunting for a work at home position 7 years ago (with no experience mind you!) I was able to land my first position during this exact time of year.

    So, if you have been having a hard time landing a work at home job, take advantage of the needs that come up this time of the year and apply, apply, apply!

    Check out the companies that are hiring right now

    Below you will find a list of companies that are hiring hundreds, if not thousands of virtual workers right now. You should still act fast if you are interested. If you have the time, set aside an hour a day to apply to these companies and then just sit back and watch the responses come in...

    1. American Support

    Working for American Support, you will be considered an employee of the company and not an independent contractor.

    Work at home jobs are available in the areas of customer service and call center work. Over 100 employees needed!


    (Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the current work at home opportunities.

    2. Sitel

    Sitel is offering work at home positions in the area of customer service/call center work. If hired you will be considered and employee and also be eligible for benefits such as medical, dental and 401k

    Try to set aside at least 1 1/2 hours for the application process, which includes an application, uploading a resume, providing 3 references and passing an assessment test. Hundreds of employees needed.

    I go over Sitel in more detail on the following page:

    3. Transcom

    Transcom (formerly known as Clould10) is hiring tech support agents as well as agents who can help customers with billing inquiries.

    If hired, you will be considered an employee.

    Hundred of positions available.:

    For more information on Transcom, or to apply click here.

    4. has over 500 openings for work at home agents who specialize in the area of Technical Support. Working for this company means you will be working as an employee of the company:

    5. Nexrep

    Working for Nexrep will entail working as an independent contractor, which means that you will be responsible for setting aside a portion of your earnings for state and federal taxes.

    Both inbound and outbound call center type work is available, both are in the categories of sales. There are also positions available as a receptionist (booking hair appointments).

    All of these positions are able to be done from the comfort of your own home:

    Over 100 positions available.

    6. Arise

    Arise offers positions for independent contractors as well. Right now hundreds of positions are available.

    Please be aware that working with Arise is akin to having your own work from home business and as such, you are responsible for paying for certain things to get your business started such as training fees and background/credit checks.

    For some, it can be quite expensive, read my review on Arise using the link below (this page will also provide a link to apply with this company:

    7. LionBridge

    Different types of work at home positions are available for this company, all of them are non-phone related.

    The three positions that are available include a position for a web assessor and an ad content assessor. There are approximately 1,000 positions available for independent contractors!

    For more information on what the job entails, please visit:

    For a direct link to available jobs, click here.

    8. Convergys

    Convergys has over 1,000 work at home positions available for customer service, sales and tech support representatives. The work is usually full time work and if hires, you will be considered an employee of the company.

    9. LiveOps

    LiveOps has over 1,000-1,500 openings available for customer service, sales, spanish-speaking and licensed insurance agents.

    You will not be considered an employee of the company but rather an independent contractor. Schedules are very flexible and in fact, you can choose your schedule based on which hours are available:

    August Freebie and special offer

    This month's freebie offer is pretty darn good (if I do say so myself!)

    York photo is offering a free custom photo book (4x6) and 40 free prints. Simply make sure to use the Promo code BOOKPIC at checkout.

    Make a photo book of your summer vacation, or make a photo book and set it aside as an awesome Christmas present for a family member!

    This is for new customers only and does not include the price of Shipping and Handling which is usually about $2.99 for the photo book and $1.99 for the 40 free prints:

    Don't forget about Rippln:

    This month's special offer has to do with Rippln, a special app that is set to launch at the end of the summer about which I shared a little bit of last month:

    Let me ask you a quick question...

    When you first heard about Facebook... how many people did you tell?

    10, 20, 30 people...?

    How about Twitter, Instagram or Angry Birds...?

    Did any of those companies pay you for the marketing you did for them?

    If not, then you need to check this out ASAP:

    You created what we call a 'Ripple Effect'... and we believe that you should be paid for that (don't you agree...?)

    If you are ready to get what you're worth for all of the word of mouth marketing that you are ALREADY doing... then check out this short video:

    P.S. If you're curious, feel free to ask me any questions. I'll share as much as I know... but this is going to move FAST, so don't wait. Get in the Ripple now:

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    Best of luck to you all and "see" you next month!

    Be blessed! =)

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