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Sutherland CloudSource

Sutherland CloudSource is another company to look into if you are interested in working from home as a customer service representative.

Sutherland Global services many different clients and they are sometimes looking to fill open home-based positions for their clients.

The company has been around for over 20 years and most recently, started a new program to provide work at home opportunities for active military spouses.

Here are some details that you'll need to know in regards to working for this company:

Sutherland Global CloudSource

Sutherland Cloudsource

Most of the jobs available are usually part-time

The company is usually looking to fill part-time positions, with a few full-time openings coming up throughout the year. 

Shifts are usually between the hours of 8am-12 pm , Monday through Saturday.  You can expect that you will be assigned to one of the company's clients.  You don't get to choose the client that you work for, however, if you are really unhappy with the project that you have been assigned, the company says that it may consider reassigning you to a new client, when you have been with your current project for at least 6 months.

The company also states that occasionally, they do promote some of their remote workers to managerial positions if they have shown themselves to be exemplary in their work.


Working for the company, you will be hired on as an employee and not an independent contractor, which means that you can expect hourly pay, usually in the realm of $8.50- $9.50 per hour. 

You may also be eligible for certain benefits such as Medical and 401(k). 

To see the differences between working as an employee vs working as an independent contractor, click here. 

Pay is disbursed twice a month via Direct Deposit or the company's ADP Total Pay debit card.

You will not have to pay for training, paid training is provided.

Are Credit and Background checks required?

Yes to the background checks, maybe to the credit checks. 

The company will only check your credit if it is required by the client that you will be working for.  Some financial or banking clients will insist on a credit check before offering employment due to the sensitive nature of customer information that you will be handling.

It is preferred as well that you submit a resume, so please be sure to have a modern resume with a great cover letter, if you don't have one, ask a friend to help you create one or get professional help to put one together.  This can be very important, so don't skimp on this step!

Find low cost Kindle books on how to put together a resume right here.

Can you work for another company in addition to working for Sutherland CloudSource?

This one is surprising..  and it's a ... no. 

The company states that working for another work at home company may be a conflict of interest, so they do not allow their employees to be employed by another home-based company.

My Take?

Sutherland CloudSource has been around for over 20 years, so in my estimation, that bodes well for it's reliability. 

The pay seems to be about right for an entry level job in the work at home world. 

Don't forget that once you get your foot in the door at a work at home company, it is much easier to move up to higher paying jobs within a reasonable period of time (it took me less than a year).

One of the things that i did not have when I first started out as a work at home employee? 

Access to benefits such as medical and 401(K). 

So, that is a definite plus.  I have heard good things about the company. 

From all accounts, they pay on time and have good employee feedback.  For more information or to apply with the company, please click on the link below and good luck!


< < < Sutherland CloudSource

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