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October 25, 2022
Notary Blog

Today was a two signing day before I ran into some major problems..


At least I was able to have one of my loan signings happen and it was a good one!

I love when I get to do closings for Home builders because the signing appointments usually happen in one of their model homes.

Today was one of those.

Check out this gorgeous model home:


Beautiful right?


So bright and clean...


Love, love, love the cabinets in this kitchen.


One of the perks of being a mobile notary/loan signing agent is all the beautiful homes I get to visit which leads to lots of inspration for future decor in my own home.

It's just super fun!

Today's appointment had my signers calling me apologetically because they were held up at the bank as they were trying to get their funds together.

The relief in their voices as I told them not to worry and that I would be waiting for them when they arrived was evident.

My aim is to always treat my signers like they're my own family, because I know how nerve-wracking this whole experience can be.

Many of my signers are first-time home buyers and are just nervous about the whole experience.

I try to be efficient, professional, but my #1 goal is to foster a pleasant, even fun environment, where we can laugh, keep things light and also keep an air of excitement about the whole thing because IT IS EXCITING!

Most times, I come home and tell my hubby that my signers and I became BFF's over the course of an hour, and indeed, I have had more than a few signers specifically request me back as their notary for their next transaction.

The only thing that I regret with these signings is that I did not request a review from my clients because that would continue to help me grow my business.

Honestly, I just need to get more comfortable in asking for the review.

I went ahead and finished the signing, scanned the documents over to the Title company and then headed over to Walmart to  do a mystery shop.

Yes, I do mystery shops too, as filler when work is slow.

Luckily, today's signing appointment paid double what I usually make so it was like I completed two signing appointments.

Yessss, score!!!!

After my mystery shop was completed ( by the way, it took less than 10 minutes to complete),

I picked up dinner for the guys and went to go meet my girlfriends for our annual birthday dinner.

Every year in October, 4 of my closest friends and I meet to have dinner, talk, laugh, and exchange birthday gifts as we are the October birthday ladies.

We had a wonderful time and as I drove home, I thought to myself how moments like the one I just shared with my girlfriends is what makes life worth living. :)

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