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October 17,2022

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was great.

Mine was super fun.  

Saturday was all about enjoying life!

First up, an amazing breakfast date with my incredible hubby.


My beautiful green matcha latte at the Seven Mile Cafe...

And... college football....


My son is in the Marching band and so it was a real treat to listen to the band and their awesome halftime show.

As a band mom, I am ALL about the halftime!

Sunday was similarly busy so I didn't have much time to update the notary blog, plusI didn't engage in any notary adventures.

But today, it was back to work.

I'm getting back on the saddle so it took me about half a day to write up a weekly newsletter for the site, but I got it done!

It felt so good to do it and I'm hoping I can get into a more consistent schedule and also deliver great value to all of my readers.

I'm really just writing about what I'm experiencing because I'm out here hustling to make money too ever since the economic slowdown.

Today's newsletter was about something I am researching and excited about starting up myself and that's :

Field Inspection work,

I actually started the application process with one of the Field Inspection companies and even heard back from the owner of one of the  companies letting me know that he really needs people in my area.

I consider this a win for today!

But there was more to do, so I kept going.

I started a free certification course for Field Inspection work and also watched about 10 youtube videos on the subject ( while at the gym) to make sure I had a good understanding of what's required and which companies are hiring.

After that, I was actually notified that there was a seller closing available in my area for $125 so I jumped on it really quick so that I could feel like I at least brough some sort of income in.

Then I came home and popped dinner on the stovetop, which was a frozen meal that I had prepared a couple of Sundays ago when I had a free afternoon.

I use the Freezer Meal website and it has been a lifesaver in terms of having a month's worth of easy meals prepped in the freezer.

The author of the freezer meal website is having a free live class tomorrow with recipes for 12 freezer meals if you want to check it out:

It has literally saved our grocery bill too.  And no, I'm not selling anything here, I just like to share value with my readers when I can.

All in all, I feel like today was good.

I wish I had a couple of more signing appointments under my belt, but I'll be grateful for what I got!

By the way, my newsletter listed out all the companies I know of that hire field inspectors.  If you want to see that list, go to my contact me page, send me an email and I'll send you a copy of the email. :)

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