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Find Work as a Virtual Assistant

I've heard about LifeBushido for a while now but only recently have I started to research them a bit to see what they're all about.

I see many Virtual Assistant companies pop up in home-based job leads but I have never seen a job lead for this company.

I'm still not really sure why, but I do have an inkling that this company is looking for a very specific kind of virtual assistant.

I'll explain more below, but in the meantime, let's find out a little about this company and what they offer:

A Little about LifeBushido

This company hires on experienced and talented virtual assistants.  They do hire within and outside the U.S.

Working for this company in this fashion, you may be asked to book tickets for a client, make appointments, perform research or do more technical things such as website design.

It does appear that the company will assign you to perform tasks that are more in line with your talents and skills.  This seems like it would be smart, their clients would get good work out of you and you would enjoy what you're working on, seems like a win-win situation.


Pay hovers around $10 per hour.  You would be considered an independent contractor and not an employee.  Basically what that means is that you would be responsible for setting aside your state (if applicable) and federal tax.

For more on the differences between employees and independent contractors, please click here.


From all indications, if you are hired on, the company starts you at a maximum of 5 hours per week.  Once you gain a little more experience, they will increase your hours to no more than 25 hours per week.

So, 25 hours is the maximum amount of time that you will be allowed to work per week.

To apply:

Lifebushido has a very unique application process.  In order to apply, you must e-mail them at:

I don't believe a resume is needed for this first e-mail, but I would suggest sending a very courteous e-mail, letting the company know that you are interested in working for them as a virtual assistant, a little about you and your qualifications, and that you would be grateful for any information they could provide for you.

If they e-mail you back, then they are interested.  They will continue to send you e-mails requesting more information and requesting that you follow their instructions and/or requests for more information exactly.

This whole process takes up to 30 days.

Yes, 30 days.

Apparently what happens is that you are grouped with a few other applicants during the application/testing process.  You will be asked to complete a project (or projects) together, so that the company can see how you work with others, your work ethic and your efficiency.

This is considered a training period, with the only downside being that you may not be hired on at the end of all this, and if you are not hired on, you will not be compensated for the time you spent in training.

The company is apparently aware that they have a rather unconventional hiring process, but simply states that this job is not for everyone.

My Take

For what it's worth, I offer you my opinion on this company. 

For those of you have great experience already as a virtual assistant, and you are not strapped for cash (you do not need to find a job now), then this may be an interesting opportunity for you.

It sounds like the company may have some interesting work for you to do and clients for you to work with.

However, for those of you who are not in that situation, the 30 day training period with no guarantee of pay for that time, combined with the fact that you are limited to working 5 hours per week at first may be a deal breaker. 

And I wouldn't blame you. 

I like to know  ( if I am going to invest a month of my life)  that I will get something in return, and sadly, this company cannot guarantee that.

Not to say that any company can guarantee you employment, but for many, their vetting process does not take a whole month.

That is why, I don't think this company would ever interest me.  However, please don't let my opinion sway you, as always, you will know what is the best for for your life, family and schedule.

Good luck. =)

To apply, please e-mail the company at:

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