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Investigating Field Inpection Work

Is performing Field Inspection work a good way to make some extra money?

That's what I set out to find!

Hey Bestie,

If you're anything like me, this period of inflation and record gas prices has hit you right in your pocketbook.

Between the higher prices for groceries, eating out and heck, who goes to the movies anymore? I think the pandemic killed that one...

Well, it's enough to feel some major discouragement that many of us can't really do the "extras" right now... we may just be trying to survive.

If you are willing and able to work however, there are ways to hustle right now and make some extra money through side hustles.

I've been doing tons of researching and have found there are lots of extra ways to make money right now.

I know this because I do some myself.

Look, this period of economic uncertainty has hit me pretty hard this month.

Because I'm in the mortgage industry, my business has been hit hard by the rising interest rates

That's the truth of the matter, not ashamed about it... 

I DO wish I had done more to market and stabilize my business BEFORE I got into this situation, but , 

it is what it is.

My point is, 

If you're feeling like you need to find a side hustle like,


I'm with you and we're going to try to figure out this side hustle thing together !

What IS Field Inspection work, anyway?

Field inspectors visit properties and businesses to verify information and then fill out reports for mortgage lenders, insurance companies and banks.

Pay can range anywhere from $5 per inspection to $100+ per inspection.

But usually they are somewhere in the range of $20-$25 per inspection.


Will need a reliable car.

Background check.

Driver's License.

iPhone or Android ( newer versions better for efficiency and your sanity).

No other special training or licenses required.

Most companies will train you.

Can be very lucrative, depending on what city you are in.

The reason I looked into this for myself is because, as a mobile notary, I already have a background check and a reliable car, etc.

I got my background check done through the National Notary Association.  Most of these companies will allow you to complete a background check at no cost to you, but some will have you pay ( usually around $30, just FYI).

Tips for Success

Put together a playlist of Youtube videos on the topic of field inspection work.

Watch every single one, educate yourself on the topic so that you know what to expect.

If you decide to do this, apply for as many companies as you can.

This could be full time work IF you apply for lots of companies because they won't all send you work every day.

So if you apply for a lot of them, you will have more opportunity and more chances to get consistent work.

Map out a good route everyday so you can hit all of your inspections in a single line.

Be very careful and detail oriented in your work so that you don't have to double back to make corrections and thus waste your time, energy and gas!

Keep track of your mileage and exenses for tax time. Many of these expenses should be tax deductible. Talk to a good accountant for advice.

Field Inspection Companies to apply to:

Here's a list of the best Field Inspection Companies:

S2 Inspections

Spectrum Inspections

Safeguard Properties Inspection

Mortgage Field Services


Groundwork Inspections

So listen, my advice is to just apply to all of these.  Set aside a couple of hours each day for a week and you'll get it done.

Definitely keep a list of your usernames and passwords for each company that you apply to, TRUST ME on that, it will keep you organized and in a good mental state.

Four of these companies have already offered me work and I just applied last week.

Use this as filler income until things turn around for you, or save up the money from your inspections to start or invest in a new business!

Don't give up, keep hustling friends!

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