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ContractXChange is now known as: Contract World Jobs

ContractXChange has changed its name to : Contract World Jobs!  This is a Canadian based company that offers home based jobs to customer service professionals who live in the following countries:


The UK

The Dominican Republic




Each country may have different requirements as well as different opportunities that are available.

You may find that there is not a wealth of information about them on the web, however, that doesn't mean they aren't a legitimate company.

The company does indeed offer legitimate home based jobs to independent contractors; acting as a "middleman" to connect potential agents with companies who need at home agents.

Contract World Jobs will hire you, train you for a specific "project" (or assignment) as an independent contractor and then assign you to that project.

Some of the conpanies that are serviced by this company include: L'oreal, Pizza Hut, the Shopping Channel, Assurant, Club Auto and more!

If you've visited other pages on my site, you may have seen my dire warnings that, with few exceptions, you should not have to pay to work for home based jobs. This company is one of those rare exceptions.

One of the things to look for when researching a company and verifying that it is not a scam is to see how easy it is to get in contact with representatives from the company, be it via phone or e-mail. 

I am happy to say that I have been able to speak to people who work for Contract World and they seem very happy with their jobs and they assured me that this company is not a fraud. 

As well, I have had representatives from the company contact me as well to give me updated information on the company; all in all, I have been impressed with the people who work for this company and I think it bodes well for the type of work atmosphere that exists at Contract World Jobs.

Here are some more details on the company: 

ContractXChange is similar to Arise in that there are some start up fees associated with working for the company.

Although membership with the company is free, once you are ready to train for a particular assignment, there is a fee for training that can range anywhere from $100-$300+ depending on how difficult the project is (the training is tax deductible).

Many agents report that they have recovered their training fees within 3 days to 3 weeks of their start date.

Other things to note:

A dedicated phone line is required. (And by the way, when choosing a phone, I highly suggest that you choose a corded telephone with a headset jack.)

  Working for this company, you will be an independent contractor, which means that you will be responsible for
setting aside your own state and federal income taxes (if you are a U.S. agent).

You can choose which assignment or company you wish to work for and if they have availability you can start right away;
if there are no available positions, you will go on a waiting list.

You can set your own hours, choosing a schedule that will work for you, as long as you meet the minimum requirement of hours required by the particular company that you will work for, you will be fine.

Calls are monitored; as well you will always have live assistance available.

You can take on more than one company or assignment.

Pay ranges from $9.00-$13.00 per hour.

Update: ContractXChange is now Contract World Jobs! Same company, different name. :-)

For more information or to apply with ContractXChange, click here to go to their website:




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