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Accutran Global Transcription

Accutran Global is a transcription firm that deals with different transcription specialties. They offer home-based transcription jobs.

This company is especially interesting for those of you who have experience in many different areas of transcription.

The different types of transcription include:

Medical Transcription

Financial Transcription


Legal Transcription

However, this company mostly deals in the area of financial transcription.

You can expect that you may be transcribing:

Conference Calls

Meeting transcripts




The requirements to work for Accutran Global include:

 1. Taking an online application and skills test.

2. A typing speed of at least 70 words per minute.

3. Must have a good grasp of the English language and English grammar.

4. Accutran Global will provide the software needed, however, it is required that you have a computer with at least Windows Xp, or a Mac with Express Scribe.

5. It is important to note that they accept applications from Independent Contractors via e-mail only and not by telephone.

For those of who hate the thought of getting a resume together, no worries, as of now, no resume is needed.

The company has 4 earnings seasons:

January 20- March 15

April 20- May 20

July 20- August 20

October 20- November 20

The company doesn't guarantee work outside of its earnings seasons. However, there may be plenty of work available during those specific periods.

They do advise that there are deadlines to be met, so it may not be suitable for you if you are looking for a flexible schedule, as the work must be done immediately upon receipt.

Other supplies that you may need include:

High speed Internet

A Telephone Headset


A Transcription Machine

Buying these items can be pricey. However, there are ways to buy these items at a lower cost but it may take some investigation on your part.

One of the best places to check before you hit places like Office Depot and Best Buy is eBay.

Another item that transcription companies will require is called a foot pedal.

With a foot pedal, you are able to start, stop and rewind audio that you are transcribing with just a tap of your foot! It is very easy to use and it's help to you will literally be priceless.

A foot pedal eliminates the issue of having to take the time to stop your tape player or cd player every 10-20 seconds to accurately transcribe what you are hearing .  All you do is tap your foot to rewind the audio (it becomes second nature when you start transcribing).  I used to work in transcription and I can tell you that this item is really handy if you want to get really fast at transcribing.

Remember speed= more money per hour

In my estimation, not having a foot pedal will double the time it takes you to complete a transcription job.

Of course seasoned transcribers may find that they can keep up easily with the audio without having to use a foot pedal, but if you are just starting out, it may prove an invaluable tool for you and as I stated above, many transcription companies are now requiring that you obtain a foot pedal in order to work for them.

For more information on Accutran Global or to apply, please visit their website:


Best of luck!


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