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Work at home Jobs that pay at least $10 per hour

work at home jobs that pay at least $10 per hour

Home-Based Jobs that pay at least $10 per hour

Besides e-mails from nurses who would like to work from home,  the e-mail communications that I get the most from my readers are to help them find home-based jobs that pay $10 or more per hour.

It's a reasonable request and thankfully, there are companies that meet that requirement and I will share a list of these with you below.

Some of you may think that $10 per hour is not a lot of money, but when you think about the fact that you are saving money on common expenses that you incur when you work outside the home,

(for example, buying lunch, gas for your car, childcare, wardrobe expenses)

then you may actually break even or even come out a little ahead of the curve!

Let's check out some of these home-based companies below:

Companies that pay at least $10 per hour:

1. Harris Connect
Fundraising from home - $13-$15 per hour

This company offers positions from home in the areas of fundraising and sales. 

This is a full-time position, (Monday-Friday) is phone based and pays:

$13 per hour.

Visit the company website here.

2. 1-800 Flowers 

Phone Based Sales- $10.16 per hour

This company offers part time positions in the area of customer service and sales. 

They hire seasonally but if the need help throughout the year, they may keep you on.  They pay:

$10.16 per hour.

For my review of this company and to find out how to apply, please click on the link below:

3. TeleReach 

Telemarketing - $12- $28 per hour

You can expect that you will either be assigned to be a telemarketer (sales) or you may be assigned to work as a customer service representative.

The pay is pretty generous at $12-$28 per hour, but it may be a tough job (telemarketing).  Put on your hard hat and get ready for lots of rejection.  But if that doesn't bother you, go for it!


Freelance Writing- Approximately $80 per article

There is always an abundance of job leads coming form this website. 

They seek knowledgeable experts, who are also good at putting their thoughts to paper, so as to share their expertise with the world! 

On average, you can expect to receive $80 per accepted article.

5. American Express 

Customer Service- $15 per hour

American Express often post home-based jobs in the areas of customer service and they also post jobs for Travel Counselors. 

They recently upped their wages to a good $16.13 per hour. 

For more on this company and to apply, please see my review via the link below.

6. Pleio Good Start 

Helping clients keep up with their medications- Up to $16 per hour


No Experience necessary. 

Job responsibilities include calling patients to remind them to take their medication . 

Up to $16 per hour.

7. Amazon 

Home Based Customer Service - $10-$11 per hour

Hires seasonally but seasonal reps may be offered full-time employment after the Holidays are over. 

You may be doing a mixture of customer service over the phone and via e-mail.  Pays $10 per hour.

8.  Liveops

Home Based Customer Service/Sales - $8-$20 per hour

This company offers a variety of projects suitable for entry level agents all the way up to specialized projects in travel, finance, insurance and more. 

Pay is $8- $20 per hour.

9. Apple at home advisor 

$10-$20 per hour

For those of you who are experts when it comes to your Apple devices, take a look at this position being offered by Apple.

  You would be helping Apple customers via phone or e-mail with troubleshooting issues having to do with their devices. 

Pay averages $15 an hour.

10. Hilton at home (FL and TX only) 

$10 per hour

Hilton offers these jobs to be a home-based customer service and Reservations sales agent. 

Pay is $10 per hour.

11. Leapforce and Lionbridge

Search Engine Evaluators - $14- $15 per hour

These companies basically offer the same type of job, in the area of web search  evaluation. 

This is an online job only, no phone based work is available.  

Training is provided, although you should be savvy in the use of the Internet.  These companies have a non competing clause which means that if you have worked for one, then you cannot work for the other. 

Lionbridge is known to be friendly to hiring those with little to no experience. 

Job availability is worldwide.  Pay is  $14-$15 per hour

12. Great VirtualWorks 

Customer Service - $10- $15 per hour

Phone work.  The company states that you must be an Independent Business Owner in order to work for the company.

Pay is $10-$15 per hour

13. CapitalOne

Customer Service (Tampa, FL)- $14 per hour

What's in your wallet?

Hopefully, lots of cash, but not because you are using the company's credit cards but because you work for them as an employee! 

This company offers home-based customer service work to those who live in Tampa, FL only.

Pay is $ 14 per hour.

Good luck everyone!

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