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Work from home for Apple

So, are you interested in working from home, and for Apple, no less?  See the info below to get started!

Time and again, I see this job lead and I think, what's not to like?  Granted, not everyone has an Apple product, and even if they do, may not know how to operate it like an expert.

But for those of you who are the owner of one of these nifty products, be it an iPhone, iPad or a Mac computer, you may be surprised to find out that you know a little more than you thought you did.

Plus, even if this job is not exactly what you may be looking for, it's the perfect job lead to pass along to a friend, college student, neighbor who is looking for a job.  

This one can be done from home, pays $15 + an hour, and although the job lead does not specifically state this, I am almost certain that there is training involved. 

Which makes this a great  "investment" job, anotherwords, the time you invest in learning about Apple's products, will not return to you empty. 

You can take this knowledge with you. 

The more I write about this job opportunity,  the more I like it!

However, ok, here's where my practical side comes out.

So, no job is perfect, right?  One thing I do know about jobs that involve trying to coach people through technical situations is that you have to have a boatload of patience. 

Is that you? 


A sense of humor is also helpful, especially when you have someone calling in who (for example) does not have an email address, does not know how to set one up and has no interest in being patient with you while you try to talk him/her through the gazillion steps it takes to set one up. 

( Why is it that when we're setting one up for ourselves it takes 2 minutes, but when you're trying to help someone set
one up there are a GAZILLION steps?  I don't know, but it's true.)

My point is, the people calling in may not know a thing about technology.  We take for granted all that we've learned over the years, but there are still a lot of people who are clueless about
how to even turn a phone off an on. 


I know a few.

So be ready to have that be a part of your job.

On the other side of the spectrum, be ready for some pretty complicated calls.  I remember calling for an issue that was way beyond me (and I always considered myslef moderately iPhone savvy pfft!)

By the end of that phone call, my hair was standing up on end and I don't think the Apple rep I was speaking to fared much better although she was exceedingly gracious and kind.

Still interested?  I couldn't sway you to run for the hills? 

Then check out the job lead deets below, excerpted directly from the job lead page at Apple. 

Oh and one more thing, this job can be done from anywhere in the U.S. despite the job lead being posted in specific cities. 

Here's the link to the lead below. 

Good luck!


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