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Uber is more than just a Ride-Sharing Company

Uber is offering work at home positions in the area of e-mail support.

I've promised to show you the good... and bad side of working from home on this site (to the best of my ability) and so, with that in mind, I have sat on the information that I have on this company because almost all of it was bad but before I put it out there, I wanted to  be sure that I was giving them a fair shake.

But see, I was coming at this from the direction of working as a driver , and while that position is flexible, it's not a work from home position.

But just recently, I stumbled across another position offered by Uber and this position is a work from home position in the area of e-mail/ customer support.  More on that in a bit.  First let's take a look at working for this ride-sharing company as a driver:

Driving with Uber

Uber is a newly created company, just  about a few years old that offers a ride-sharing service.  Basically it offers you a way to make money by giving people rides who find you via their app.

The company assures that there is no signup fee to be a Driver.  You are paid by sharing in a percentage of the fee that the rider pays Uber and you are paid weekly via Direct Deposit.

So, what have I heard about this company?  I have not seen one positive review from a driver (that did not appear to be someone from the company) that they were paid well.  In fact, the most common complaints that I saw included:

The fact that the company does not cover any insurance issues, you are on your own to cover any damages with your own insurance.

Uber's fees end up being more exorbitant for the driver, you get about 40% of the profit, which sometimes does not cover gas, mileage and  the time you spend on getting people where they need to go.  ( although on average, most people said they make about $12.00 per hour, but the company says the average is about $30 per hour.

The work itself is very light during the week but seems to go a bit nuts starting on Friday evenings and ending Sunday morning pretty early in the morning and many riders are intoxicated (whch seems to make sense, being as the weekend would seem to be a pretty busy time for this kind of a job, basically you're a taxi).

Does this sound like it would work for you? If so, great, if not, at least now you know what to expect.

Luckily, for those of you who are not interested in working for this company as a driver, the company does sometimes have other positions available, namely that of a work at home e-mail support specialist:

Work from home for Uber in the area of e-mail support.

I do have to start off by saying that the company is not always hiring e-mail support specialists but keep an eye on my work at home jobs blog page and I will let you know when they are.

Here's some information for you:

Right now, this is a U.S. based position only.

Hours are 40 hours per week, so be aware that it is a full-time job and you will be required to work nights and weekends.

You will not be working as an independent contractor but rather an employee. 

What is the difference between working as an independent contractor vs an employee, please read my article on that here.

Please note that you would not be hired on as an Uber employee, but rather an employee of a company called Zero Chaos.

You should have excellent writing and grammatical skills, as well as customer service experience, experience with the popular customer support platform named Zendesk and a college degree.

However, if you don't have  a college degree or experience with Zendesk, please don't let that discourage you from applying, as there are some people who have been hired with other relevant experience!

One thing you should have is access to a desktop computer and high speed internet.

If you get hired, you can expect that training is usually about 3 days and it is paid.

To Apply:

To apply with the company, please click here.

You'll want to enter a keyword phrase such as :

work from home


e-mail support.

I just checked and they do not have these positions available right now, but keep checking on it and they are bound to soon, especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

If you are able to apply, you will be asked to take an assessment test and if you do well on it, you will be interviewed by a representative of the company, who will conduct the interview over Skype.


I have not been able to track down accurate estimates of pay but it appears to be somewhere in the $11-$14 per hour range.

Good luck!


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